A brand new and high quality kimono is really expensive. Some kimonos cost more than 1 million yen.
If you are looking for reasonably priced and real kimono, I recommend that you go to a second-hand kimono shop in Japan, where they offer many more types of antique design kimonos than the modern ones.

Before they sell the kimonos, they hygienically wash and clean them. The company also has skills of antibacterial washing to get rid of the smell.

The company has many shops in Tokyo. Why don’t you stop by those kimono shops?

Shop name : TANSUYA たんす屋
Website http://tansuya.jp

Shop map in Tokyo
* Shops you can easily get there by train / subway are located in Ikebukuro 池袋, Ginza 銀座, Asakusa 浅草, Ueno 上野 and Kitasenju 北千住.
Please find these area names from the address 所在地 on the shop list. You can see their Google Maps.

Information :
They also offer Yukata 浴衣.
Kimono 着物 is formal dress, but Yukata 浴衣 is casual wear and cheaper. Yukata design looks like Kimono though.

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