This is ”A Set Meal of Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce チキン南蛮定食定食 Chicken-nanban-teishoku“.
It is juicy fried chicken with sweet vinegar and tartar sauce. Tasty!
A restaurant chain “Yayoiken やよい軒” offers many kinds meals.

This set meal costs 740 yen including tax / US$ 6.42 (10 Dec 2016).

Yayoiken’s specialties:
Free refills of rice if you order a standard set meal “定食 Teishoku“.

You can get free refills of rice by yourself in the prepared rice area. Bring your empty rice bowl. They offer more tasty rice than cheap restaurants. I like it. Then end up eating you will be full.

You can get free refills of pickles, hot tea and iced water by yourself.

You can get free refills of hot tea by yourself in the prepared rice area. The tea-cups are prepared under the table.
First, Push “ロック解除 Unlock” button. Next, push “給湯 Supply” button.

Put the tartar sauce on the chicken.

Put soy sauce 醤油 on tofu.

I often mix hot pepper with miso soup.

There are many “やよい軒 Yayoiken” restaurants in Japan.

Replica food samples are displayed in front of the restaurants.

Ticket machine is at the entrance.

English menu is available.

Touch the green button which reads “おつり” at the bottom of the machine to get your change.

Website やよい軒
Some of the Tokyo area blanch shops
Ginza 銀座
Shinjuku 新宿
Asakusa 浅草
Ueno 上野
Kuramae 蔵前
Sibuya 渋谷
Ikebukuro 池袋