I am fond of reading books in a cafe that is a converted old Japanese style house. It has a nice retro atmosphere inside and you can view its Japanese garden. This type of house is getting rarer and rarer these days.

There are some tatami (straw-mat) rooms. This house was built in 1939, and it was registered as a cultural heritage property in 2013.

コーヒー Coffee 450 yen
紅茶 English tea 450 yen
抹茶 Matcha 630 yen
季節のフルーツタルト Seasonal cake 560 yen
ピザトースト Pizza toast 600 yen
あんみつ Anmitsu 680 yen (Red bean jam with fruits)
* Prices are including tax.

When you order both a drink and cake, you get a 100 yen discount.

No smoking

Walking inside the garden is not allowed.

You will feel a Japanese retro atmosphere here.

http://shouwanoie.jp (in Japanese)

Business hours : 11:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Monday are closed.
* This restaurant will be closed on 22 December 2016 to 16 January 2017 because of their winter holiday.

Google Maps
It takes 15 minutes on foot from Takenotsuka 竹ノ塚 Station to the cafe.
* You have to take off your shoes and put them on the shoe box on entering.
* You shouldn’t bring noisy kids.

By the way. If you want to stay a night at this type of old Japanese style house. Maybe you should book this guest house.
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