The temple 西新井大師 Nishiaraidaishi organizes more than ten events in a year.
For me, the greatest ones of them all are the New Year’s Festival (at the beginning of January) and the Summer Festival (at the beginning of August) because they set up many kinds of food booths in the temple at these festival seasons.

New Year’s Festival : At the beginning of January

There are a lot of prayers in front of the Buddha.

There are many kinds of food booths on the street in the temple during the festivals.

Shooting booth

Dharma dolls

Chicken barbecue

Korean style chow mein

Squid barbecue

River fish barbecue


These pictures below were taken at the non-event day in March.

The front gate

Rice cracker shop

Dharma dolls

This a type of sweets. It is made from rice-cake and  sweet red bean paste.

You can buy some incense sticks and light them. A batch of incense sticks is 100 yen. Please put the coin into this box.


Don’t feed.

西新井大師 Nishiaraidaishi (Temple)

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A recommended guest house (backpackers hostel) near the temple.