Yakitori (焼き鳥 / やきとり) is grilled chicken on a skewer. It is made of chicken. If you become like it when traveling in Japan, I recommend you buy a canned yakitori as a souvenir. This is yummy!

Tasty yakitori sauce is in the can.

Let’s eat yakitori bowl!

You can easily find many kinds of yakitori cans in convenience stores and super markets in Japan.


This website shows their canned food.

  • やきとり たれ味 Yakitori sauce
  • やきとり 塩味 Salt flavor
  • やきとり 激辛味 Spicy
  • やきとり ガーリックペッパー味 Galic pepper
  • やきとり 柚子こしょう味 Yuzu citron and chili pepper
  • とりたま たれ味 Two quail eggs with yakitori sauce
  • とりつくね たれ味 Mince balls with yakitori sauce

These cans are 100 – 200 yen.