FURUSATO MATSURI TOKYO ふるさと祭り東京 is organized once a year in a ballpark “Tokyo Dome”. Each region has unique festival and food. You can enjoy watching the festival shows and tasty local food.
7 – 15 January 2017
Admission fare 1000 – 1600 yen 

All-weather stadium (No baseball games during the festival)
Refer to the information of the stage program.
Japanese drum

Hirosaki Neputa Festival 弘前ねぷた祭り from Aomori 青森 prefecture

Yosakoi Festival よさこい祭り from Kochi 高知 Prefecture

60 kinds of local sake are available at this sake bar.

A mini-cup of sake costs 300 yen to more. They offer reasonable tasting sets of two kinds of sake, 500 yen. Choose from A, B, C sets.

Shochu bar

Many shops offer reasonable tasting sets of four or five kinds of craft beer, 1000 yen.

Smoked soy sauce

Traditional Dashi soup

Salmon bowl

Wagyu beef

Stuffed calamari

Seasoned cod roe

Fried chicken, etc.

Unagi (Eel)

Deep fried lotus root with mustard

Takoyaki (Octopus dumplings)

Deep fried fish paste

Mackerel sushi

Sasebo 佐世保 barger from Nagasaki 長崎 prefecture


Matcha cake

Japanese green tea

Daruma from Takasaki 高崎 City Gunma 群馬 Prefecture.

These are from Okinawa 沖縄 Prefecture.

Made in Miyazaki 宮崎 prefecture

Aritayaki 有田焼 ARITA PORCELAIN from Saga 佐賀 prefecture


Japanese Traditional Craft 輪島塗 Wajimanuri “Wajima Lacquerware”


Mascot character of Shimane 島根 Prefecture しまねっこ Shimanekko

Mascot character of Aomori 青森 prefecture たっこ王子 Takkoouji

Actually, prices of most food and drinks in this event are usual prices or a little expensive. However, I found cost effective food below.

Sea food bowl 海鮮丼ミニ 550 yen

Find this shop!

Another shop also offers reasonable seafood bowl, 800 yen.

Wagyu beef bowl 500 yen : 尾花沢牛 Obanazawa beef from Yamagata 山形 prefecture

Wagyu tofu from Tottori 鳥取 prefecture, 600 yen

There is a section of Japan Local Donburi Championship 全国ご当地どんぶり選手権.

Donburi : Some food is topped on rice in a bowl such as beef bowl, seafood bowl and so on.

This is a ticket counter. If you want to eat their donburi in this section, you should buy the ticket because they don’t accept by cash.

500 yen for one food

Only 4 slices of fish on the rice

Taste was good though.

A little bit beef and too much egg yolk and grated yam on the rice

The meals of Japan Local Donburi Championship don’t look like their picture menu except a few honest shops. You should look over the real quality of the food before buying.

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