One of the popular beef bowl chain shops is MATSUYA 松屋. They offer many kinds of set meals.
This is “Barbecued Beef Set Meal 牛焼肉定食” 590 yen including tax. (US$5.23)

The set meal has several slices of beef, rice, salad and miso soup.

This is thinly sliced beef with chopped green onion and grated daikon radish.

If you pay 180 yen more, you can change the miso soup to Tonjiru 豚汁. Tonjiru is a type of miso soup that has pork, tofu and various vegetables in it. This photo is “Barbecued Beef Set Meal 牛焼肉定食 590 yen” + “Tonjiru 豚汁 180 yen”
770 yen in total (US$6.83)

If you change the miso soup to Tonjiru, you can even get the miso soup for free if you order when you hand the meal ticket to the wait staff.
Misoshiru mo kudasai. みそしるください。”
“I would like miso soup too.”
However, some beginner staff don’t know this system of MATSUYA 松屋 because most customers don’t know about it and don’t do that. If the staff is confused when you ask about it, please ask another person who looks like an experienced staff.

Website (in English)
English picture menu is available on the website.
There are so many MATSUYA 松屋 shops in Japan. Probably you will often find the shops during your trip.