This restaurant is specialized in only ONIGIRI (rice ball).
Their onigiri is bigger than usual one and use a tasty bland rice KOSHIHIKARI こしひかり from Niigata 新潟 prefecture.

This is 3 kinds of onigiri and tofu miso soup set meal.
3個とうふセット Tofu sanko set meal (includes tofu miso soup)
820 yen (including tax)

* English menu is available

I recommend 2 rice balls and tofu miso soup set. 3 rice balls are good for big eater because this restaurant’s rice balls are bigger size than usual ones.

Free refills of green tea.
Free refills of tofu moso soup, if you order the set meals such as 2個とうふセット or 3個とうふセット. (2 or 3 kinds of onigiri and tofu miso soup set meals.)

Please don’t hesitate to ask for refills, but you shouldn’t leave it.
You say,
“Excuse me.” “Sumimasen すみません。”
“Miso soup, please” “Miso-shiru kudasai みそしる ください。”
“Green tea, please” “Ocha kudasai おちゃ ください。”

This restaurant’s onigiri is very soft. (The onigiri is not pressured so much.)

They offer many kinds of onigiri.

This is small restaurant but you can see the kitchen and the cooking chef in front of your seat.

* The reasonable set meals are available 11:30am – 3:30pm, 10:00pm-0:00am.
2 rice balls and tofu miso soup 670 yen > 570 yen
3 rice balls and tofu miso soup 920 yen > 820 yen

* The reasonable prices are only weekdays except Monday and national holiday.
* When you order the set meals, you can choose the rice balls that priced 250 yen or less.
* If you want to order the set meals with the onigiris which cost more than 250 yen, please pay the difference.

Onigiri restaurant name

Website (in Japanese)

Google Maps
It is located near Otsuka 大塚 Station on JR Yamanote Line 山手線 in Tokyo.

Business hours
11:30am – 0:00am
Sundays are closed.

Joyful Minowa Shopping Street
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After you go to the onigiri restaurant, you can go to the street from Otsukaekimae 大塚駅前 Station on Toden Arakawa Street Line 都電荒川線 to Minowabashi 三ノ輪橋 Station.
(You can walk soon to Otsukaekimae 大塚駅前 Station to Otuka 大塚 Station on JR Yamanote Line 山手線.)