One of the food cultures in Japan is whale meat.
I am going to take the pictures of the food when I eat them.

鯨のたたき Kujira-no-tataki

It is lightly roasted whale (raw) meat sashimi. This one is on some vegetables with Ponzu (citrus-flavored soy sauce). Sliced garlic / grained ginger and whale sashimi match very well.

Whale bacon
鯨ベーコン Kujira-bacon

It is on the sliced onion with Ponzu. It is good to put mustard on it. These lean meat and fatty meat are painted with red food coloring.

* Ponzu ポン酢 = Citrus-flavored soy sauce

Whale meat YAMATONI
鯨 大和煮 Kujira Yamatoni

Yamatoni (大和煮) is a food as well as a cooking method of meat. It is boiled with soy sauce, sugar and ginger, etc. It is thick and it has a heavy flavor, and was often used to cook exotic meats such as whale, bear and deer a long time ago.

Most of the large supermarkets in Japan sell canned whale yamatoni. Many Manufacturers supply canned whale yamatoni. It’s taste good, now.
Their package designs are different but usually the names are the same or similar.
It is an interesting souvenir for international tourists vising Japan.
You’d find these printed characters of “鯨 (whale)” and “大和煮 (yamatoni)” on the cans.
One can may cost about 300 to 500 yen.

I will take some pictures of deep-fried whale meat and whale meat stew.
See you around.

One recommended bar offers many kinds of canned food. I saw canned whale meat, beer meat, deer meat and unagi (eel).
Bar name : mr.kanso