Yellowtail sashimi ブリ刺し Buri-sashi
A bar you have to try when in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo 東京 early in the evening is Banpaiya 晩杯屋.
They offer really inexpensive and delicious Japanese food.
This picture is Yellowtail sashimi ブリ刺し Buri-sashi 200 yen.

The foie gras of the sea あん肝ポン酢 Ankimo-ponzu
Foie gras of the sea 150 yen (あん肝ポン酢 Ankimo-ponzu)
* Please put citrus-flavored soy sauce 味ぽん(ポン酢) which is prepared on the table.

Tomato shochu cocktail トマト割り Tomato-wari
Tomato shochu cocktail 290 yen (トマト割り Tomato-wari)
* It is tomato juice mixed with Japanese alcohol shochu.

Fried mini-fish 150 yen (わかさぎの唐揚げ Wakasagi-no-karaage)
* This is very soft and we eat this whole.

I had the food. It was 860 yen (US$7.73) in total. (including tax)
* Table charge and a disposal mini-towel are 70 yen per person.
* No service fee

Bar name : Banpaiya 晩杯屋

Google Maps
It is located on the 5th floor. There is an elevator at the end of the hallway of the building. Maybe finding the elevator is a little bit confusing though.

Website (in Japanese)

English menu is not available. Picture menu on the tablet device is not enough for non-Japanese.

Business hours
Monday – Friday :  3:00pm – 0:00am
Saturday, Sunday, National holiday :  1:00pm – 0:00am