This photo exhibition specializes in female beauty thigh.
First, I want to say the photos are really attractive but they are not pornography.
The photos were taken artistically and so beautiful.
You must respect the author after looking around.

There are so many photos. The thigh models are probably Japanese women.

I want to upload all of the photos on this blog but I shouldn’t, because I want you to go there and to see all of the wonderful photos!

They sell several kinds of goods such as postcards photo books, etc. Good souvenir!
The visitors were not only men but also women.

You can also order large size (B3, A3- A1) panel for your favorite photo. (Sales order management system)

This information above means…
By courtesy of the author, you may photograph all the booths in this room and upload the pictures online such as SNS and blog.
Please be careful not to bother other visitors while taking photographs.

In Tokyo

Date : 21 (Fri) April – 14(Sun) May, 2017
Time : 11:00am – 7:00pm
* 1(Mon) May is closed.
* Admission fee : 500 yen
It is worth trying!!

Address : 東京都台東区浅草橋5-27-6 5F
Google Maps
* It is on the 5th floor of the building.
* You can walk there from Asakusa 浅草 area in Tokyo.

Official website (in Japanese) :

Another website
Detail information (in Japanese)