Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン
Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン at a chain restaurant Hidakaya 日高屋 is very good!
Its broth is spicy kimchi miso taste.

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン
590 yen (including tax) US$5.36 at the time of this writing
Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン
* This ramen is available for a limited season only from winter to…

Probably, you will be given a coupon ticket after paying the bill at the cash desk. You can use it next time. It is written in Japanese, and there are three options below and you can choose one among them.

1. 麺類 大盛分 無料
Increase noodles size to large for free
Say “Men Oomori” めん おおもり

2. ライス 大盛分 無料
Increase rice size to large for free
Say “Rice Oomori” ライス おおもり

3. 味付玉子 50円
50% for seasoned boiled egg (usual price 100 yen)
Say “Ajitsuke-tamago” あじつけたまご

The coupon has an expiration date. Please check the date of word “有効期限”.
Please hand the coupon to the wait staff, when you order the food.

Shop name
Hidakaya 日高屋
* There are many shops in and around Tokyo. Most shops are located close to main stations such as Shinjuku 新宿, Shibuya 渋谷, Ueno 上野, Akihabara 秋葉原, Asakusa 浅草.
* Hidakaya is also good for drinking and eating many kinds of foods inexpensively.


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