It smells like a beast and some people might even say like poo-poo.
KUSAYA くさや is a type of half-dried fish, that’s eaten after being grilled.

This fish is a kind of horse mackerel, and it costs 680 yen at a bar restaurant.
Food name : MUROAJI KUSAYA むろあじくさや
(Flying fish Kusaya is also available. Tobiuo-kusaya とび魚くさや)

This is a local traditional food of Izu Islands 伊豆諸島 in Tokyo 東京 such as Hachijo-jima island 八丈島.
One reason for the smell is the way it’s prepared.
The fish is soaked in fermented KUSAYA liquid.
This makes the fish smelly but adds a good taste. After this, it’s then dried.

KUSAYA くさや is a little drier and has more of a chewy texture than the usual semi-dried fish, but its smell is surprisingly the strongest.
Some experts of KUSAYA くさや say that it’s great to drink with sake and I think so aswell.

Shortly after my friend bit into it, he gave up eating, but I ate all of it. For me the taste was OK.
To be honest, it was worth trying and it was a good experience, however I won’t order it again.

Where to eat KUSAYA くさや :

Bar Restaurant : Izakaya Hachijo-jima 居酒屋 八丈島

Business hours :
Monday – Saturday : 10:00am – 3:00am
Sunday : 10:00am – 11:00pm

Website :
http://www.at-ml.jp/71009/ (in Japanese)

Note :
Prices are not including tax.
Cover charge is 270 yen per person.

It is located near Ikebukuro 池袋 Station in Tokyo 東京.
Google Maps of the restaurant

They offer local food of Hachijo-jima Island 八丈島 in Tokyo.
Google Maps of the island

Shima-zushi 島寿司 680 yen
This is sushi. Seasoned white meat fish (sashimi) on sweet vinegared rice ball

* The leaf on the picture above is Ashitaba 明日葉 (Ashitaba leaf). It is originally Japanese vegetable of Izu Islands 伊豆諸島 and so on.
Scientific name : Angelica keiskei

Hachijo-jima pizza 八丈島ピザ 680 yen
A lot of chopped Ashitaba leaves are in it. Good taste!

Ashitaba-hai あしたばハイ 370 yen
Shochu-based beverage mixed with Ahitaba leaf juice. It is like healthy green juice.

They also offer other food except local food.

Kabuto-yaki カブト焼 500 yen
Grilled fish head : It is palm-size and still a lot of eatable meat around the head.
I like it. Tasty!

They offer whale meat sashimi aswell.