Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
However, shops selling anime figures usually don’t permit customers to take a picture of the displays and merchandise inside the shop.
I found a kind shop that gives permission to do it.
It is Akiba Sofmap Shop2 アキバ ソフマップ2号店

Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
There are several displays that have OK sign stickers to take a picture without asking.
Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
This shop is one of the largest shops in Tokyo and has so many goods in stock.
If you want to buy figures, you don’t want to miss this shop.
Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
You will find your favorite one and can enjoy sightseeing in the shop.
Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
Let’s look around upstairs! It must be fun if you like anime goods.
Anime Figure アニメフィギュア
Shop name :
Akiba Sofmap Shop2 アキバ ソフマップ2号店
Akiba Sofmap Shop2 アキバ ソフマップ2号店
Business hours :
11:00am – 8:00pm (7days a week)
Akiba Sofmap Shop2 アキバ ソフマップ2号店
Google Maps
The figure section is on the 1st floor.

Address :
東京都千代田区外神田 4-4-2 外神田共益ビル

Website (in Japanese)
Facebook (in Japanese)
Twitter (in Japanese)

(Updated July 19, 2017)
* This shop is permanently closed, and moved to ソフマップAKIBA①号店 サブカル・モバイル館.
However, I haven’t checked if taking a picture is OK.