Chinese food - squid
Usually taking picture of the waitresses at restaurants in Japan is not allowed, but this Chinese food restaurant remarkably offer the pictures for free of charge. However, some maid cafes offer taking picture of the maids as a paid service.

Chinese food - Jelly fish
Jelly fish

Chinese food - Tofu with century egg
Tofu with century egg

Chinese food - Chili chicken
Chili chicken


The waitresses were friendly.

1. In advance, you have to ask the waitresses if taking pictures of them is OK.

Shashin wo totte iidesuka?
Can I take a picture of you?

2. If you want to upload the pictures online (e.g. SNS, blog), you have to ask the waitresses if it is OK with them.

Internet ni nosete iidesuka?
Can I upload the pictures on the Internet?

3. The waitresses do not have to accept as the choice is theirs.
Restaurant Name
Magogoro Hanten 真心飯店


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