Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥
When you are a bit hungry during your trip in Japan, It would be good to stop by a convenience store LAWSON and buy Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥 Deka-yakitori which is grilled chicken on a skewer.

Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥
This convenience store chain LAWSON offers tasty Yakitori larger size and more inexpensive than general ones.
LAWSON is one of the large scale convenience store chains in Japan. You may often find the stores all over Japan.
Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥
18 cm = 7.08 inch
Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥
Probably, the staff will ask you if you want to heat the food with microwave, and also if you need free Shichimi 七味 which is mixed with 7 kinds of spices, mainly red pepper and so on. I like eating warm Yakitori with Shichimi.

Food name
でか焼鳥 Deka-yakitori
One skewer costs 127 yen (including tax)

Convenience Store LAWSON

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There are 4 kinds of でか焼鳥 Deka-yakitori.
* ももタレ(ももたれ) Momo-tare
Chicken thigh, Sauce taste
* もも塩 Momo-shio
Salty flavor Chikin
* ねぎま Negima
Chicken with leek
* かわタレ(かわたれ) Kawa-tare
Chicken skin, Sauce taste