All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題
Restaurant chain name
Tsukiji-ichiba-niikyuppa 築地市場298
In total, 2050 yen, 90 minutes would be suitable for 2 foods and the all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages.

All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題

  • You can say “Nijikan-nomihoudai 2 hours All-You-Can-Drink 2時間飲み放題”, when you order.
  • It is available from Monday through Thursday except national holiday and pre-holiday for 980 yen.
  • On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and national holiday, it costs 1500 yen.
  • Last call for drinks will occur with 30 minutes remaining. Customers can use the last 30 minutes to enjoy their drinks. (Actually, this All You Can Drink is for 90 minutes.)
  • About 22 kinds of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages are available such as beer, sake, whisky and cocktails.
  • 2 or more people are accepted to order the All You Can Drink.
  • When you order it, this restaurant’s cover charge is necessary and 298 yen per person, which includes a minisize appetizer.
  • Everyone has to order at least 2 foods. (This restaurant offers most food items for 298 yen each.) You don’t need to order a course menu. You can order the foods from the a la carte menu.
  • 8% Tax is not included in the prices.
  • Upon finishing a glass of an all-you-can-drink beverage, it is exchanged for a clean glass with the next beverage you order.

In total, 2050 yen would be suitable for 2 foods and the all-you-can-drink.

Some of the course dinner with All You Can Drink are available. (3000 – 5000 yen) If you order a course dinner, cover charge (298 yen) is waived and 8% tax is included.

It is available at these branches in Tokyo.

Nishiarai 西新井 branch in Tokyo (in English) (in Japanese)

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All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題
It is located on the 4F of this building near (2 minutes from) Nishiarai 西新井 Station on Tobu Skytree Line 東武スカイツリーライン of Tobu Railway 東武鉄道.
All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題
This restaurant specializes in seafood.

Useful Information
You might want to stay a hostel near this restaurant.

Shinjuku 新宿 branch in Tokyo (in English) (in Japanese)

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