Miso Vegetables Ramen 味噌野菜らーめん
This ramen shop offers inexpensive food and when you want to get full with little expense, it’s good to order their set meal of ramen, dumplings, and fried rice. The set meals are slightly discounted compared to the total of their list prices.

Miso Vegetables Ramen 味噌野菜らーめん
Miso Vegetable Ramen
Miso-yasai-ramen 味噌野菜らーめん 637 yen (US$5.66)
* The prices on this page are including 8% tax.
Miso Vegetables Ramen 味噌野菜らーめん
This ramen has smooth and good miso flavor.

Gyoza dumplings 餃子
Dumplings Gyoza 餃子 216 yen (US$1.92)

Pork Chashu-men 豚バラチャーシューめん
Pork Chashu-men
Butabara-chashu-men 豚バラチャーシューめん 637 yen  (US$5.66)
Pork Chashu-men 豚バラチャーシューめん
This soup is soy sauce flavor. These thinly sliced pork are not so fatty and not so strong taste. I think some people may like it.
Pork Chashu-men 豚バラチャーシューめん

Picture menu of the official website
https://www.kourakuen.co.jp/products/menu.html (in Japanese)

English menu is not available but their Japanese picture menu is useful.

Google Maps (The branches in downtown Tokyo)
Near Shibuya 渋谷 Station
Near Akihabara 秋葉原 Station

Other branches in Japan

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