Deep-fried chicken bowl から揚げ丼
Hey, hungry boys! It costs only 500 yen. (US$4.44)
Many pieces of deep-fried chicken are topped with rice.
This shop is located near Akihabara 秋葉原 in Tokyo.

You can choose the number of fried chicken from 5 to 15, and the quantity of rice from 150g, 200g or 300g.
(To leave food is bad manners at this shop. Please only order what you can eat.)
The shop recommends 7 – 12 pieces for men, 5 – 10 pieces for women.

とん汁 Pork miso soup, 半熟味付け玉子 Seasoned soft-boiled egg, お新香 pickles, オニオンスライス Sliced onion : 100 yen
緑茶 Green tea, ウーロン茶 Oolong tea : 100 yen
コーラ Coke, オレンジジュース Orange juice : 200 yen
Deep-fried chicken bowl から揚げ丼
This picture is 15 pieces and 150g rice. I was really full.
The chicken will be fried immediately after you order so you can enjoy hot and juicy chicken.
Deep-fried chicken bowl から揚げ丼
However, the taste of the deep-fried chicken was normal, sauce, citrus-flavored soy sauce ぽん酢, chili powder, mayonnaise and pickled ginger are available.
Deep-fried chicken bowl から揚げ丼
Some cabbage are topped with rice.
Beer and water
You can walk to this shop from Akihabara 秋葉原 Station for 11 minutes.
Shop name
元祖 バカ盛丼 ハイブリッド酒場
Ganso Bakamoridon Hybrid Sakaba

Business hours
They offer this food at lunch time 11am – 3pm. At dinner time, it is not available.
* Sunday is closed.


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