It is held twice a year in Tokyo.

If you like comic, anime and cosplay, you shouldn’t miss this big event during travel in Tokyo.
Check the details on the official website.Cosplay
There are so many cute, cool and comical cosplayers.
からあげ karaage@kara_age411
7ナ 夢 nananamoe@7na_MOE


Official Website of Comic Market
(English information is available.)

December 29 – 31, 2017

1. In advance, you have to ask the cosplayers if taking pictures of them is OK.

Shashin wo totte iidesuka?
Can I take a picture of you?

2. If you want to upload the pictures online (e.g. SNS, blog), you have to ask the cosplayers if it is OK with them.

Net ni appu shite iidesuka?
Can I upload the pictures on the Internet?

3. The cosplayers do not have to accept as the choice is theirs.

Cosplay Costume Shops in Tokyo
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東京 コスプレ コスチュームショップ
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