Soft roe 白子 Shirako
It has creamy texture. Delicious!

Cod soft roe is a fish delicacy.
It is cold Tara shirako 鱈白子 in Japanese.
Why don’t you try it?
In Japan, fresh (raw) cod soft roe (milt) is popular as a winter seasonal food around November – February.
Soft roe 白子 Shirako
Pacific cod soft roe with citrus-flavored soy sauce: 580 yen
Madara-shirako-ponzu 真鱈白子ポン酢
Type: Flesh cod row
Restaurant: KIGURA-JAYA きぐら茶屋 Website

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* A restaurant that offers cod soft roe usually also offers citrus-flavored soy sauce (Ponzu ポン酢) and common soy sauce (Shoyu しょうゆ / 醤油) on the tables. Citrus-flavored soy sauce is better than common soy sauce to eat with fresh cod soft roe. You can put the sauce on it as you like.

Soft roe 白子 Shirako
Cod soft row sushi topped with ponzu jelly: 100 yen
Tara-shirako-jure-ponzu たら白子ジュレポン酢
Type: Flesh cod row sushi
Restaurant: KURAZUSHI くら寿司
* They offer this sushi all year round.
Soft roe 白子 Shirako
Please refer to another page about this sushi below.

Cod roe is also good for tempura and Nabe (hot pod / stew).