Replica Food 食品サンプル
These items look delicious!

Replica Food is good as a souvenir.
It looks like real food and artistic.
When you go sightseeing at TOKYO SKYTREE you can stop by a shop of replica food.Replica Food 食品サンプル
There are minimize ones as well.
Replica Food 食品サンプル
Would you like to make own replica food by yourself?
Handmade kit of the replica food is available.
Replica Food 食品サンプル
Replica Food
TOKYO SKYTREE (in English)
Replica Food 食品サンプル
The shop is in a shopping mall TOKYO Solamachi located at the bottom of TOKYO SKYTREE. (in English)

Shop name
Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya 元祖食品サンプル屋根 (in English)
4F Block 10 of TOKYO Solamachi