Craft Beer クラフトビール
3 kinds of sampler: 1000 yen

I recommend a bar restaurant Vector Beer, which specializes in Japanese craft/homemade beer.
Their daily special always offers 10 kinds of Japanese beer.
Inexpensive price!Craft Beer クラフトビール
Craft beer (Glass 450 yen, Pint 750 yen)
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Smoking is accepted. However, I prefer non-smoking bar.
Craft Beer クラフトビール
This bar restaurant specializes in beef tongue.
You need to order at least 1 food each because of bar’s rule.
Craft Beer クラフトビール
I am very interested in trying different local Japan beers. This bar was good for me.
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Cover charge is 350 yen per person includes a bite to eat.
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Craft Beer
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Bar name
Vector Beer

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Business hours
Monday – Saturday, pre-holiday and holiday  5:00pm – 0:00am
Sunday  3:00pm – 11:00pm
* Irregular holidays