Ginko Nuts 銀杏 ぎんなん
Ginko nuts are tasty!

It is doughy and a bit chewy in texture.
The best season for eating ginko nuts is in the fall and winter in Japan.
Give it a try!
Ginko 銀杏 いちょう
Ginko tree
Ginko 銀杏 いちょう
Eating too many ginko nuts may cause harmful effects, such as nausea, vomiting and body spasms.
However, in spite of this, many Japanese enjoy roasted, deep-fried or boiled ginko nuts, as they are a tasty and common food at bars in Japan. There’s no need to worry so much!
Ginko Nuts 銀杏 ぎんなん
Roasted Ginko Nuts with Salt 299 yen (Ginnan ぎんなん)

at a bar restaurant: KIGURA-JAYA きぐら茶屋 Website
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Gingko nuts are known to be great source of nutrients and stamina-improving food in Japan ever since. However, some food poison specialists have announced that gingko nuts, if consumed as indicated below, is toxic.
Child: 7 – 150 pieces
Adult: 40 – 300 pieces
Ginko Nuts 銀杏 ぎんなん
Deep-fried Ginko Nuts with Salt 150 yen (Ageshio Ginnan 揚げ塩ぎんなん)

at a standing bar: BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 in Shibuya 渋谷 Tokyo
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Please refer to this guidebook about BANPAIYA 晩杯屋.
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