Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Grilled chicken mince patty on a skewer is tasty!

Nama-tsukune 生つくね 90 yen to more.
This restaurant specializes in over ten different varieties of grilled minced chicken skewers such as garlic, cheese, fruit, basil, mayonnaise and many more.

They also offer many other kinds of grilled skewered chicken and vegetables.Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Liver レバー 130 yen
Chicken Liver

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Yawaraka-Liver やわらかレバー 380 yen
Soft and Rare Chicken Liver
* Delicious! I want to order this again next time I come here.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Bonjiri ぼんじり 130 yen
This meat is around the chicken tail.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Skewer Food Menu

Chicken liver (レバー) and breast (ささみ sasami) are cooked rare-done.
They use high quality chicken that is safe to eat rare and they store it so that it stays fresh. However, eating rare meat involves a certain amount of risk and they ask that guests who are children, pregnant women and not in good health refrain from doing so. Thank you for your cooperation.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Please put the skewers into this cup after eating.
七味 : Mixed chili pepper
さんしょう : Japanese pepper
* Putting the pepper on the meat is good.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
* Cover charge is 300 yen per person includes cabbage and tasty sauce. This cabbage is free refill. Good!

You can say “Cabbage Okawari Kudasai キャベツ、おかわりください” if you want another cup of cabbage.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Draft Beer 480 yen

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Beverage Menu

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Sake (This sake brand is called DASSAI 獺祭 and 3 types of qualities are available at this restaurant.)
A grass of this sake costs 600, 1000, 1500 yen.
* If you are new to drinking sake, DASSAI would be good choice, because it is fruity and smooth.

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Sake Menu : A grass of sake, 650 yen

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Shochu and Highball Menu

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Oropon-Horumon おろぽんホルモン 100 yen Cost effective and delicious!

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Food Menu

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様
Restaurant Name:
(Nishiarai 西新井 Branch)

Business Hours:
11:30am – 12:00am
Monday is closed.

Lunch menu is available between 11:30am and 3:00pm. Dinner menu is also available during lunch, however, they prefer serving from the lunch menu. Please note that serving dinner items may be slower than lunch items.

* Cover charge: 300 yen (When you order only lunch item the cover charge is waived.)
* Prices on the menu are not including 8% tax.
* No service fee.
* Credit card is not accepted.

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