Toritetsu とり鉄
Slightly roasted raw chicken. Give it a try!

Toritetsu とり鉄
One of this restaurant’s specialties is slightly roasted raw chicken, cooked almost rare.
At the restaurant, this food is called…
総州 紅楽美のたたき 特製肝ぽん酢
Soshu Benirakumi-no-tataki Tokusei-kimo-ponzu
880 yen
* Soshu Benirakumi is a brand chicken in Japan.
Toritetsu とり鉄
They use a type of chicken which is locally grown in Japan. It is a high quality chicken that is stored in a way so that it stays fresh, so it is safe to eat rare.
However, eating rare meat involves a certain amount of risk.
As a preventative measure, they ask that certain customers refrain from doing so, such as those who are not in good health, children, elderly persons, and pregnant women.
They also advise customers to consume it within 30 minutes of serving.
Toritetsu とり鉄
Shiitake Mushroom
Toritetsu とり鉄
One of the most popular mushrooms in Japan is the Shiitake Mushroom (しいたけ Shiitake), but it is less common in other countries. Its flavor is unique and rather strong, so some kids and picky eaters don’t like it. It’s tasty. I’ve liked it since I was kid, but my sister still doesn’t like it, even as an adult.

Toritetsu とり鉄
Umesuisho 梅水晶 280 yen
Toritetsu とり鉄
Chopped chicken cartilage mixed with Japanese Ume plum paste. I like it the crunchy texture in mouth.
This is topped on minced Japanese Daikon radish.
Toritetsu とり鉄
Toritetsu とり鉄
Toritetsu とり鉄
200 yen

生抹茶割り Nama-matcha-wari 480 yen
Good quality Matcha green tea mixed with shochu alcohol
It is slightly sweet and bitter. However, it is not added sugar.

Bar restaurant name
TORITETSU とり鉄 (in Japanese)

Cover charge is 300 yen / person (includes very small appetizer)
No service fee
Prices on the menu are not included 8% tax.
Credit cards are accepted.
Smoking is allowed.
Information is coming soon…