Hot spring 温泉
Avoid going to the baths that are strongly chlorinated!

I like going to Japanese hot springs and public baths in Japan, but I do not want to go to the baths that are strongly chlorinated, because after taking those kinds of baths, my body smells like chlorine more than body soap, shampoo and natural hot spring smell. I want to enjoy natural smell of hot springs.
Hot spring 温泉
Recently, many places have been using a lot of chlorine for killing germs in the bathtub.
The reason for this is unsanitary issues caused people to become sick or die from bacteria.

Then, public offices made the rules to sterilize chemically baths.
Nowadays, the baths that have no chlorine smell are rare and difficult to find.

I will tell you an important tip of mine for going to hot springs.
If you have the same opinion when you travel Japan and want to avoid the smelly baths, you should find a type of hot springs called GENSEN-KAKENAGASHI in Japanese.


Its hot water comes from a 100% hot spring resource. It is always running new hot water and not recycled. They must not add it to the water, or if they do, only slightly.

The hot spring in the picture above is at Raichozawa Hyutte 雷鳥沢ヒュッテ in Toyama 富山 Prefecture.

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About a public bath in Tokyo:
Public Bath 銭湯
When I was bathing at the public bath, I was pleasantly surprised there was no chlorine smell. They must add it to the water only a lttle bit.
However, this place is not hot spring.
Check it out below.