Gusto ガスト
A mug of beer and a couple of other alcoholic beverages cost only 200 yen (+8% tax: 216 yen) during happy hour (14:00 – 18:00) in a restraint chain called GUSTO ガスト in Japan.

Gusto ガスト
A mug of beer : 449 -> 200 yen
A small glass of beer : 299 -> 200 yen
Curiously, they are both 200 yen during happy hour.
* It is Japanese beer ASAHI SUPER DRYGusto ガスト
Fresh-squeezed Lemon Sour 生絞りレモンサワー
Mix a lot of fresh lemon juice with soda (alcohol)!
399 -> 200 yen
Gusto ガスト
Highball ハイボール (Japanese whiskey SUNTORY KAKU 角 and soda)
399 -> 200 yen

When you want to take a break from sightseeing or shopping in Japan, you can rest at this restaurant for a while. It is not necessary to order food there if you order a drink.

GUSTO has more than 1300 restaurants in Japan. Probably, you can find it near sightseeing place you go.

These drinks below aren’t happy hour menu but always 99 yen.
Gusto ガスト
A glass of red wine 赤ワイン グラス
99 yen
Gusto ガスト
A glass of white wine 白ワイン グラス
99 yen
Gusto ガスト
A cup of plum wine 梅酒
99 yen

Happy hour is Monday to Friday from 14:00 until 18:00. This excludes weekends and holidays, as well as certain days surrounding the new year, and other days as decided by the bar.

Prices on the menu are not including tax. 8%
No service fee / No cover charge

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* Note
The map also shows other restaurants Steak Gusto and S Gusto.

Steak Gusto offers different menu of happy hour.
A mug of beer : 529 -> 200 yen
A glass of red / white wine : 199 -> 100 yen

S Gusto doesn’t offer happy hour.

Map of their official website of GUSTO in Japanese

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