Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
A ramen chain MARUGEN RAMEN 丸源ラーメン is worth trying.
My family and I like the shop’s ramen. I will definitely visit their ramen shop again soon to enjoy their ramen.

Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
Niku-soba 肉そば has a little sweet soup and a lot of tasty pork. 650 yen
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
When you are eating Niku-soba 肉そば, this shop highly recommends you to enjoy eating 4 kinds of flavors using their special seasonings below.

Let’s try 4 steps!

  1. Nothing to do. Enjoy the original taste.
  2. Very thick chili oil どろだれラー油 (Dorodare-rayu): You will be hooked on this taste.
  3. Add fried garlic 揚げにんにく (Age-ninniku) for the smoky aroma in your mouth.
  4. Vinegar 酢 (Su) makes the thick soup smooth.

Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
Gyoza Karaage Lunch 餃子・からあげランチ 900 yen
This lunch set meal includs Niku-soba, dumplings (3p) and fried chicken (2p).
Marugen Gyoza Dumpling 丸源 餃子
Dumplings 餃子:
When you order dumplings, you can decide whether you want garlic or not. Both items are the same price.
餃子だれ (Dumpling sauce) and どろだれラー油 (Very thick chili oil) are good for eating dumplings!Marugen Fried Chicken 丸源 からあげ
Fried chicken
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
Taiwan Ramen 台湾ラーメン is spicy. 750 yen
* Limited-time ramen
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
They offer several kinds of ramen below.
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
English picture menu is available. However, there is no English information of lunch menu.
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
This is lunch menu (in Japanese).
Lunch time is until 17:00 on weekdays (except Saturday, Sunday and holiday).
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
MARUGEN RAMEN 丸源ラーメン has many shops all over Japan but for some reason, they are still unknown by international tourists.

Most of their shops are located in the suburbs which can be spacious and comfortable inside and have convenient large parking lots. Because they are generally located in residential neighborhoods, they aren’t close to train stations or tourist attractions, unfortunately.
Marugen Ramen 丸源ラーメン
If you travel in Japan by car, a trip to one of these ramen shops is well worth the drive. Enjoy their delicious ramen!

Name: MARUGEN RAMEN 丸源ラーメン

  • Prices on the menu are not included 8% tax.
  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • You can get a disposable apron free of charge if you ask when you order ramen. It is especially good for women who don’t want their clothes to get dirty with ramen soup.

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