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Ginko Nuts 銀杏 ぎんなん
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Emblem Hostel Nishiarai エンブレムホステル西新井
Replica Food 食品サンプル
Soft roe 白子 Shirako

Japanese stew/hot pot NABE 鍋 Festival in Tokyo

More than 20 different kinds of NABE from all over Japan are available in Hibiya Park 日比谷公園 in Tokyo during the festival. You can also enjoy other various foods such as barbecue, deep fried food, sake, beer and much more. November 23 – 26, 2017 This festival is held outdoors, and it would be a great idea if you’d take a walk around the park, and witness the beautiful scenery of Japan during autumn.

Japanese stew/hot pot NABE 鍋

Deep-fried breaded ham (ハムカツ Hamu-katsu)

This dish is called Hamu-katsu ハムカツ in Japanese. It is ham cutlet that is cooked like deep-fried, breaded ham. In Japan, some restaurants and bars that are open in the evening and offer alcohol beverages have low priced foods as nibbles. Many places offer Hamu-katsu ハムカツ.

Deep-fried breaded ham (ハムカツ Hamu-katsu)

Satisfactory $7 meal in Japan – Ankake-chanpon あんかけちゃんぽん

A noodle chain Ringerhut offers Ankake-chanpon あんかけちゃんぽん for 500 yen. Chanpon is a type of noodle food. Ankake-chanpon is chanpon with starchy soup. It is priced amazingly lower than the shop’s other noodle items.

あんかけちゃんぽん Chanpon with starchy soup

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Japan – Agedashi Udon 揚げだしうどん of Marugame Seimen 丸亀製麺

A udon (noodles) chain restaurant Marugame Seimen 丸亀製麺, in Japan offers a winter limited edition udon Agedashi-udon 揚げだしうどん. Starting November 7th-9th (2017), only this particular food item is sold 50% OFF from 6:00 PM on, each day. 620 yen → 310 yen (Regular) 720 yen → 360 yen (Large, The amount of noodles is large, but the food on top is the same as regular.) It is regular price until 6:00 PM even if you go there  the 7th-9th.

揚げだしうどん Agedashi-udon

Addictive Rice Cracker: HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン

This is HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン and a popular Japanese snack which is a kind of rice cracker. It is really good to eat. I think that once you start eating them you won’t be able to stop eating until you finish the package which holds about 30 crackers. (120g)

Happyturn ハッピーターン

Great Rice Toppings ご飯のおとも Gohan-no-otomo

How to eat rice: In Japan, we sometimes eat without a main dish. We often add some food that matches well with rice.

Noritama のりたま (ふりかけ)

Japanese Green Tea 緑茶

One lesson topic is how to serve Japanese green tea. A high quality green tea is recommended. When you use good tea leaves, you can make a few cups of tea, even up to three cups using the same leaves.

Japanese Green Tea 緑茶

改訂版 “英語でおもてなし・立ち食い・立ち飲み”

お手頃な飲食店を外国人旅行者に英会話で紹介しよう!(東京版) 2017年9月20日 (第2.0版)


Extra Large and Cheap Deep-fried Chicken Bowl から揚げ丼

Hey, hungry boys! It costs only 500 yen. (US$4.44) Many pieces of deep-fried chicken are topped with rice. This shop is located near Akihabara 秋葉原 in Tokyo.

Deep-fried chicken bowl から揚げ丼

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Puffer/Blowfish 河豚 ふぐ

In Japan, some restaurants specialize in blow (puffer) fish food. It is white meat fish. Blowfish is called Fugu ふぐ in Japanese. Don’t worry about blowfish poison. The parts which have no poison are edible. It is always prepared by licensed manufactures or chefs.

Fugu ふぐ 河豚 puffer fish, blow fish

Red Beens Sweet – ANKO あんこ

‎ANKO あんこ is a sweet red bean paste. There are many kinds of ANKO sweets in Japan. One of them is OHAGI おはぎ which is sticky rice covered with ANKO.

Ohagi おはぎ

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Japan – A Ramen Chain KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑

KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑 This ramen shop offers inexpensive food and when you want to get full with little expense, it’s good to order their set meal of ramen, dumplings, and fried rice. The set meals are slightly discounted compared to the total of their list prices.

Miso Vegetables Ramen 味噌野菜らーめん

The guidebook “Field Trip to Sake Brewery, Nature Walk in Tokyo Japan” was revised

There are an English edition and a bilingual edition. Both of them were revised this year. The eBooks are discounted for a while. About US$3 > $1 (100 yen)

Field Trip to Sake Brewery, Nature Walk in Tokyo Japan

Tokoroten ところてん

A traditional Japanese food Tokoroten ところてん is made from a kind of sea vegetable Tengusa 天草  (agarophyte).

Tokoroten ところてん

All You Can Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine 梅酒 and Shochu 焼酎 in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo

A bar offers this service. 1 hour 1010 yen 2 hours 1680 yen I haven’t been there yet, but I would like to go. Does anyone want to go to the bar with me?

Plum wine 梅酒

Inexpensive All-You-Can-Drink Alcohol beverages in Tokyo 飲み放題

1. Restaurant chain name Tsukiji-ichiba-niikyuppa 築地市場298 In total, 2050 yen, 90 minutes would be suitable for 2 foods and the all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages.

All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題

Moving Squid Sashimi on Your Tongue in Tokyo

A Japanese restaurant Ika-center イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. Some squids are kept alive in the tank of the restaurant. Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.

Squid Sashimi イカ刺身

Yuigahama Beach 由比ヶ浜 in Kamakura 鎌倉 City

Occasionally I meet international tourists in Tokyo who come to Japan just because they’re curious about the country and its culture, sometimes as young as 20 years old. It’s not a problem, of course, I would like to see them to enjoy Japan even more.

Yuigahama Beach 由比ヶ浜

Sushi Making Experience in Tokyo 寿司握り体験

Emblem Hostel エンブレムホステル in Tokyo occasionally organizes sushi making experience event for the guests of the hostel. You will walk to a nostalgic Japanese style sushi bar near the hostel. You must enjoy making sushi and the bar’s atmosphere.

Sushi 寿司

Discover rare vending machine-3 (Ice cream)

You will see ice cream vending machines while traveling in Japan. They are placed in stations and popular sightseeing places. When I was young, I would often buy 17 seventeen ice after school. セブンティーンアイス

Ice cream vending machine

Sashimi Konnyaku さしみこんにゃく

This food is sashimi konnyaku さしみこんにゃく. Konnyaku is a traditional food and made from the root of a plant of Araceae family such as taro. It has unique in texture like a hard type of jelly. Sashimi konnyaku is a kind of konnyaku, but it is made softer than normal konnyaku and usually seasoned with nori.

Sashimi konnyaku 刺身こんにゃく

Reasonable and Delicious Meat Bar in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo

BEEF KITCHEN STAND offers tasty beef, chicken, pork, sausage, ham and horse meat. This beef steak (50g) is soft and juicy! 290 yen 名物ビフテキ


Semi-dried Fish is a Japanese Traditional Food 魚の干物

Sakana-no-himono 魚の干物 is semi-dried fish that is a traditional Japanese food. Grilled himono ひもの is popular in Japan. We often put a bit of soy sauce on it. This one is grilled horse mackerel. 590 yen Toroaji-no-hiraki トロアジの開き

Semi-dried fish 魚の干物

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Japan – Sauteed Liver & Chive ニラレバ炒め of Hidakaya 日高屋

I sometimes eat this set meal Sauteed Pork Liver & Chive (Nirareba-itame ニラレバ炒め) at a chain restaurant Hidakaya 日高屋. It includes rice, soup and pickles.

Sauteed Liver ニラレバ炒め of Hidakaya 日高屋

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Horse Meat Sashimi 馬刺し

In Japan, some restaurants offer Horse meat sashimi that’s sliced raw meat, called Basashi 馬刺し. A restaurant uses tasty horse meat. It tastes like soft beef that’s cooked rare.

Horse meat sashimi 馬刺し

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Chicken Meat Sashimi

In Japan, some restaurants offer lightly roasted chicken carpaccio that’s cooked almost rare. It tastes like chicken meat sashimi. A restaurant uses Japanese brand of chicken called Daisendori 大山鶏. This domestically produced chicken is rigorously inspected and cleaned to provide that it is fresh and safe to eat.

Daisendori carpaccio 大山鶏カルパッチョ

Yakitori of Convenience Store LAWSON in Japan

When you are a bit hungry during your trip in Japan, It would be good to stop by a convenience store LAWSON and buy Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥 Deka-yakitori which is grilled chicken on a skewer.

Large Size Yakitori でか焼鳥

Cute Waitresses are at a Chinese Restaurant in Tokyo

Usually taking picture of the waitresses at restaurants in Japan is not allowed, but this Chinese food restaurant remarkably offer the pictures for free of charge. However, some maid cafes offer taking picture of the maids as a paid service.


Wonderful Craft Beer Bar in Tokyo

Do you like beer? Why don’t you get a drink at a bar POPEYE ポパイ in Ryogoku 両国 Tokyo 東京? Enjoy drinking their original craft beer!

Craft Beer

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Stinky Food KUSAYA くさや

It smells like a beast and some people might even say like poo-poo. KUSAYA くさや is a type of half-dried fish, that’s eaten after being grilled.


Satisfactory $7 Meal in Tokyo – Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン at a chain restaurant Hidakaya 日高屋 is very good! Its broth is spicy kimchi miso taste.

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン

Satisfactory $7 meal in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo 東京 – Banpaiya 晩杯屋

A bar you have to try when in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo 東京 early in the evening is Banpaiya 晩杯屋. They offer really inexpensive and delicious Japanese food. This picture is Yellowtail sashimi ブリ刺し Buri-sashi 200 yen.

Octopus Dumpling (たこ焼き TAKOTAKI) Electric Griddle

Do you like TAKOYAKI たこ焼き (octopus dumpling)? Let’s have a party with octopus dumpling electric griddle at home!

Buy One Udon うどん Get A Piece of Tempura 天ぷら for Free

If you use Tempura Pass, you can get a piece of tempura for free. However, you have to buy one udon. The pass costs 300 yen (includes tax) and is available from April 1 through 7 May 2017 at Hanamaru Udon はなまるうどん restaurants in Japan. New! September 15 – October 23, 2017

Sakura Festival in Tokyo – Toneri Park 舎人公園 on 1 and 2 April 2017

We are waiting for the cherry blossom (sakura 桜) festivals in Tokyo. The cherry blossom season is coming soon. Why don’t you go to Toneri Park 舎人公園 on 1st – 2nd April, 2017?

Satisfactory $7 meal in Japan – Nagasaki Chanpon 長崎ちゃんぽん

Nagasaki Chanpon 長崎ちゃんぽん is a type of noodle food, and looks like ramen. Ringerhut is this noodle chain and has many shops in Japan. The taste of the soup at Ringerhut is similar to pork taste ramen.

A Sake Brand for Beginners – Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水

If you are new to drinking sake, a sake brand called Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 would be best for you. It has really smooth light feeling but is still very tasty and not so sweet. It is sometimes said to taste like water.

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Whale 鯨 くじら

One of the food cultures in Japan is whale meat. I am going to take the pictures of the food when I eat them.

Yummy Burger in Tokyo – 1

When you’re visiting Tokyo, do you miss your family, friends, and burger? If so, a good place to rest is J.S. BURGERS CAFE Where you will find yourself eating with the yummy burger. Come relax and recharge here. Then, continue your journey! !

Tasty Instant Noodles UMAKACCHAN うまかっちゃん

I recommend you buy tasty instant noodles UMAKACCHAN うまかっちゃん as a souvenir. The soup is made with pork bone and many kinds of flavors are available. UMAKACCHAN is extremely rare in Tokyo!

ONIGIRI (Rice Ball) Restaurant in Tokyo

This restaurant is specialized in only ONIGIRI (rice ball). Their onigiri is bigger than usual one and use a tasty bland rice KOSHIHIKARI こしひかり from Niigata 新潟 prefecture.

Delicious dinner with all-you-can-drink in Tokyo

Are you tired of eating Japanese food during traveling in Japan? How about Italian food instead? A nine-course dinner with all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages costs 5000 yen and 8% tax. Cost effective! This restaurant is located in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo.

A Department Store in Tokyo – ISETAN 伊勢丹

There are many department stores in Shinjuku 新宿 area of Tokyo. Why don’t you go to ISETAN 伊勢丹 to look around the B1 floor? You can buy so many kinds of foods and sweets for to go.

Satisfactory $7 meal in Japan – Beef Set Meal

One of the popular beef bowl chain shops is MATSUYA 松屋. They offer many kinds of set meals. This is “Barbecued Beef Set Meal 牛焼肉定食” 590 yen including tax. (US$5.23)

Satisfactory $7 meal in Tokyo – Very Spicy Ramen

If you really like spicy food, you should go to a ramen shop “Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto 蒙古タンメン中本“. They offer tasty spicy ramen.

Traditional Festivals from Various Places of Japan

FURUSATO MATSURI TOKYO ふるさと祭り東京 is organized once a year in a ballpark “Tokyo Dome”. Each region has unique festival and food. You can enjoy watching the festival shows and tasty local food. 7 – 15 January 2017 Admission fare 1000 – 1600 yen 

Canned Yakitori やきとり

Yakitori (焼き鳥 / やきとり) is grilled chicken on a skewer. It is made of chicken. If you become like it when traveling in Japan, I recommend you buy a canned yakitori as a souvenir. This is yummy!

Satisfactory $7 meal in Tokyo “Suta-don すた丼”

“伝説のすた丼屋 Densetuno-sutadonya” is a chain pork bowl restaurant. This restaurant is called “すた丼 Suta-don” They use tasty pork, garlic and a raw egg. It is a stamina food.

A cafe that is an old Japanese style house in Tokyo

I am fond of reading books in a cafe that is a converted old Japanese style house. It has a nice retro atmosphere inside and you can view its Japanese garden. This type of house is getting rarer and rarer these days.

How to Cook Oden おでん at Home

Oden おでん is a type of Japanese hot pod / boiled cuisine. When you come to Japan I recommend you try to eat it. In cold season between October and February, most convenience stores offer oden or it can be offered at Japanese style restaurants.

Satisfactory $7 meal in Tokyo “Fried Chiken with Tartar Sauce チキン南蛮”

This is ”A Set Meal of Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce チキン南蛮定食定食 Chicken-nanban-teishoku“. It is juicy fried chicken with sweet vinegar and tartar sauce. Tasty! A restaurant chain “Yayoiken やよい軒” offers many kinds meals.

Satisfactory $7 meals in Japan

I write about various topics on this blog. Now, I’ll try another “Satisfactory US$7 meals in Japan” blog.

The Strongest Matcha Ice Cream in the World

When you go sightseeing in Asakusa 浅草 in Tokyo. I recommend you stop by a Japanese green tea shop and get the best matcha ice cream. They offer the strongest matcha ice cream in the world. Delicious!

A Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant “KURAZUSHI くら寿司” in Central Tokyo

I recommend this creamy sushi “たら白子ジュレポン酢” of KURAZUSHI くら寿司. English picture menu on a touch panel is available. Most of the sushi items cost 100 yen. Super delicious!

Nabe (Japanese style hot pod/stew) Festival in Tokyo

I want you enjoy Japanese food NABE 鍋(なべ). NABE is Japanese style hot pod or stew. NABE Festival are sometimes organized in Tokyo 東京 (23 – 26 November, 2017) and Nagoya 名古屋 (12 – 14 January, 2017).

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