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Happy Hour of a Restaurant GUSTO ガスト

A mug of beer and a couple of other alcoholic beverages cost only 200 yen (+8% tax: 216 yen) during happy hour (14:00 – 18:00) in a restraint chain called GUSTO ガスト in Japan.

Gusto ガスト

Kushikatsu 串カツ – Deep-Fried Food on Skewer

Kushikatsu 串カツ Deep-fried food on skewer A restaurant Kushikatu Tanaka 串カツ田中 which is good for nonsmokers.

Kushikatsu 串カツ
Toritetsu とり鉄

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Tokyo – Eel Bowl うな丼 Unadon

This restaurant is going to permanently close September 17, 2018. Actually it costs about US$5 (500 yen). Inexpensive and tasty!

Unadon うな丼
Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様

Super Inexpensive Beef Restaurant in Tokyo 東京

They offer small size beef steak for 290 yen. Bifuteki ビフテキ

Ginko Nuts 銀杏 ぎんなん
Craft Beer クラフトビール
Emblem Hostel Nishiarai エンブレムホステル西新井

Deep-Fried Breaded Ham (ハムカツ Hamu-Katsu)

Hamu-katsu ハムカツ is good for drinking beer. Many Izakaya (Japanese) style bars offer Hamu-katsu ハムカツ.

Deep-fried breaded ham (ハムカツ Hamu-katsu)
Tokyo Eating Tour 2

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Japan – A Ramen Chain KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑

KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑 This ramen shop offers inexpensive food and when you want to get full with little expense, it’s good to order their set meal of ramen, dumplings, and fried rice. The set meals are slightly discounted compared to the total of their list prices.

Miso Vegetables Ramen 味噌野菜らーめん

All You Can Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine 梅酒 and Shochu 焼酎 in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo

A bar offers this service. 1 hour 1010 yen 2 hours 1680 yen I haven’t been there yet, but I would like to go. Does anyone want to go to the bar with me?

Plum wine 梅酒

Inexpensive All-You-Can-Drink Alcohol beverages in Tokyo 飲み放題

1. Restaurant chain name Tsukiji-ichiba-niikyuppa 築地市場298 In total, 2050 yen, 90 minutes would be suitable for 2 foods and the all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages.

All-You-Can-Drink 飲み放題

Moving Squid Sashimi on Your Tongue in Tokyo

A Japanese restaurant Ika-center イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. Some squids are kept alive in the tank of the restaurant. Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.

Squid Sashimi イカ刺身

Sushi Making Experience in Tokyo 寿司握り体験

Emblem Hostel エンブレムホステル in Tokyo occasionally organizes sushi making experience event for the guests of the hostel. You will walk to a nostalgic Japanese style sushi bar near the hostel. You must enjoy making sushi and the bar’s atmosphere.

Sushi 寿司

Reasonable and Delicious Meat Bar in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo

BEEF KITCHEN STAND offers tasty beef, chicken, pork, sausage, ham and horse meat. This beef steak (50g) is soft and juicy! 290 yen 名物ビフテキ


Semi-dried Fish is a Japanese Traditional Food 魚の干物

Sakana-no-himono 魚の干物 is semi-dried fish that is a traditional Japanese food. Grilled himono ひもの is popular in Japan. We often put a bit of soy sauce on it. This one is grilled horse mackerel. 590 yen Toroaji-no-hiraki トロアジの開き

Semi-dried fish 魚の干物

Satisfactory $7 Meal in Japan – Sauteed Liver & Chive ニラレバ炒め of Hidakaya 日高屋

I sometimes eat this set meal Sauteed Pork Liver & Chive (Nirareba-itame ニラレバ炒め) at a chain restaurant Hidakaya 日高屋. It includes rice, soup and pickles.

Sauteed Liver ニラレバ炒め of Hidakaya 日高屋

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Horse Meat Sashimi 馬刺し

In Japan, some restaurants offer Horse meat sashimi that’s sliced raw meat, called Basashi 馬刺し. A restaurant uses tasty horse meat. It tastes like soft beef that’s cooked rare.

Horse meat sashimi 馬刺し

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Chicken Meat Sashimi

In Japan, some restaurants offer lightly roasted chicken carpaccio that’s cooked almost rare. It tastes like chicken meat sashimi. A restaurant uses Japanese brand of chicken called Daisendori 大山鶏. This domestically produced chicken is rigorously inspected and cleaned to provide that it is fresh and safe to eat.

Daisendori carpaccio 大山鶏カルパッチョ

Cute Waitresses are at a Chinese Restaurant in Tokyo

This restaurant is permanently closed. (Updated June 2018) Usually taking picture of the waitresses at restaurants in Japan is not allowed, but this Chinese food restaurant remarkably offer the pictures for free of charge. However, some maid cafes offer taking picture of the maids as a paid service.


Wonderful Craft Beer Bar in Tokyo

Do you like beer? Why don’t you get a drink at a bar POPEYE ポパイ in Ryogoku 両国 Tokyo 東京? Enjoy drinking their original craft beer!

Craft Beer

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo – Stinky Food KUSAYA くさや

It smells like a beast and some people might even say like poo-poo. KUSAYA くさや is a type of half-dried fish, that’s eaten after being grilled.


Satisfactory $7 Meal in Tokyo – Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン at a chain restaurant Hidakaya 日高屋 is very good! Its broth is spicy kimchi miso taste.

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン

Satisfactory $7 meal in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo 東京 – Banpaiya 晩杯屋

A bar you have to try when in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo 東京 early in the evening is Banpaiya 晩杯屋. They offer really inexpensive and delicious Japanese food. This picture is Yellowtail sashimi ブリ刺し Buri-sashi 200 yen.

Yummy Burger in Tokyo – 1

When you’re visiting Tokyo, do you miss your family, friends, and burger? If so, a good place to rest is J.S. BURGERS CAFE Where you will find yourself eating with the yummy burger. Come relax and recharge here. Then, continue your journey! !

Delicious dinner with all-you-can-drink in Tokyo

Are you tired of eating Japanese food during traveling in Japan? How about Italian food instead? A nine-course dinner with all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages costs 5000 yen and 8% tax. Cost effective! This restaurant is located in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo.

A hostel “BUNKA” offers so many kinds of sake at their bar in Asakusa 浅草

This is BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO. They offer a bar and accommodation. They have more than 30 kinds of sake. Use of the bar in the hostel is not limited to hostel guests. Why don’t you get a drink at the bar when you visit Asakusa 浅草 in Tokyo?

Sexy Restaurant in Shinjuku 新宿 of Tokyo 東京

This restaurant is permanently closed. (Updated June 2018) If you are tired of eating Japanese food or miss your girl friend during travels in Japan, let’s go to this Chinese food restaurant in Shinjuku 新宿 of Tokyo 東京 ! This restaurant’s specialty is waitresses who wear sexy costume (cheongsam). They look definitely cute and beautiful.

Amazingly Low Priced Pizza

This shop is closed their business. (Updated November 2017) If you are travelling on a budget and already tired of eating Japanese food in Japan, I recommend this margherita マルゲリータ pizza. It costs only 350 yen. (Not including 8% tax) It is one of the lowest priced pizza in Japan. Amazingly inexpensive!


Discover Small Aliens

The aliens were caught and preserved by canning in Japan. Why don’t you get the can? You shouldn’t miss eating it when you come to Japan. Actually these are two octopuses and some taros.

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