How to go to central Tokyo 東京 from Narita 成田 International Airport


It is about 60 km (37.3 miles) in direct distance between them. It is far and not convenient for international tourists to move.

Which would you like between "Low cost" and "Fast speed"?
I will introduce low cost bus.

Low cost express buses

Shuttle bus costs 1000 or 1200 yen.
* It takes 60 minutes at least.
* Night time fare is 2000 yen.

Keisei Bus (京成バス)

  • Open the website above and change the language to English.
  • Click Expressway BusNarita Airport Arriving/Departing Buses
  • Choose your bus from 3 destinations in downtown Tokyo.

1. Tokyo Sta., Ginza [Tokyo Shuttle]
All buses get to Tokyo 東京 Station. Only a few of them stop at both Ginza 銀座 Station and Tokyo Station. (Check out the time table.)
Fare 1000 yen
* The buses are often fully booked.

2. Tokyo Sta. Kajibashi Parking Lot [Yurakucho Shuttle]
Actually the bus stop (Kajibashi Parking Lot 鍛冶橋駐車場) is near Yurakucho 有楽町 Station. It is not located in Tokyo 東京 Station.
You need to walk for 8 minutes (650 m, 0.40 miles) from Kajibashi Parking Lot to Tokyo Station.
Fare 1000 yen

3. Osaki Sta. [Narita Shuttle]
All buses get to Osaki 大崎 Station in Tokyo.
Fare 1200 yen


東京・銀座~成田空港 ラクラク安心1,000円高速バス THEアクセス成田
  • Open the website above and change the language to English.

This bus get to Tokyo 東京 Station and Ginza 銀座 Station.
Fare 1000 yen

Fly from Tokyo (Narita 成田 Airport) to outside Tokyo

Why don't you go to Japanese countryside?

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Prepaid SIM Card

I recommend that international tourists use prepaid SIM card than free Wi-Fi in Japan.

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