Mysterious and Holy Site AOYAMA CEMETERY in Tokyo 青山墓地 青山霊園

Aoyama Cemetery 青山墓地 青山霊園Culture
Aoyama Cemetery 青山墓地 青山霊園

AOYAMA CEMETERY (Aoyama-bochi 青山墓地 or Aoyama-reien 青山霊園) is one of the biggest cemeteries in Tokyo, where a considerably large number of gravestones are built on the extensive grounds.

They look like mysterious and holy remains of stones. AOYAMA CEMETERY is an unknown spot for international tourists.

Of course, cemeteries are not meant to be places for sightseeing, but if you are interested in Japanese traditional cultures, taking a walk in the cemetery is a valuable experience.
Aoyama Cemetery 青山墓地 青山霊園
However, when we meet people who are paying homage at their family graves, we should mind our manners which are probably quite similar around the world.
When you meet them, please keep quiet.
Aoyama Cemetery 青山墓地 青山霊園
Why not try visiting here at midnight?
When you meet ghosts, please scream and take pictures! 😀
  • No admission fee is required.
  • This cemetery is always open.
  • Zombies are allowed to visit here. 😮

The nearest stations are Gaien-Mae 外苑前 Station, Aoyamaicchome 青山一丁目 Station and 乃木坂 Nogizaka Station.


I am a person with no religious faith. The same goes for my brother and sister.
However, when our family, for example my grandfather and grandmother, died, we held the funeral in Shinto style (Shintoism). Then, we buried them in our Shinto-styled grave. During the funeral, We behaved in accordance with the customs of Shinto, even though We don't follow any religion.
People like us are very common these days in Japan.

Japanese gravestones 墓石

Gravestones dealer

Japanese gravestones 墓石

These two photos were not taken in the cemetery.

There are gravestones in a beautiful temple.

Mysterious Mossy Garden of Tokeiji Temple 東慶寺 in Kamakura 鎌倉 Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture, Japan
They have been keeping the scenery of the garden and cemetery in a verytraditional and ancient style. It looks like a mysterious remains.This temple space is compact and simple but the garden is my favorite and I highly recommend this.

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