Delicious Chicken NAMBAN チキン南蛮 at a Restaurant KOSHITANTAN 虎視眈々 in Shibuya 渋谷 Tokyo 東京 Japan

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々Food

Are you looking for a recommended restaurant in Shibuya 渋谷 Tokyo?
Have you eaten a Japanese chicken dish called CHICKEN NAMBAN?


Chicken Namban チキン南蛮

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Dinner Time from 6:00 pm

Chicken Namban (a la cart)
Regular Size レギュラーサイズ 1200 yen (as pictured)
Half Size ハーフサイズ 780 yen

The quantity of the regular size is for 2 or 3 people.

Lunch Time between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm

Chicken Namban Set Meal
1000 yen
This set meal includes rice, soup and pickles.

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Chicken Namban チキン南蛮 is limited number to the first 30 customers at both lunch and dinner.

I suggest you go to the restaurant as soon as it opens for lunch or dinner to get this dish.

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

This is deep fried juicy and tender chicken seasoned with sweet vinegar, and topped with tasty tartar sauce on it. I highly recommend their chicken namban.

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

I rank this as the 2nd best chicken namban I've ever had.

Don't miss it when you visit Shibuya Tokyo.

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

There were 5 pieces of chicken on a dish when I ordered it.

Chicken Namban Regular Size チキン南蛮 レギュラーサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

This deep fried chicken gets softer because maybe it is soaked in sweet vinegar sauce.
Their tartar sauce is also good taste.
Tasty! I will repeat this!

Menu メニュー Koshitantan 虎視眈々

I will tell you about chicken namban and the best chicken namban I've ever had on another blog below.

Do you know Chicken Namban? チキン南蛮・チキンナンバン - Torishin 鳥心(高知)、Torisyo 鶏笑、Yayoiken やよい軒

Charcoal Grilled Japanese Brand Chicken 地鶏の炭火焼

Charcoal Grilled Adult Chicken Half Size 地鶏の炭火焼 親鳥 ハーフサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

It is the restaurant's specialty. They use domestically produced Japanese brand of chicken.

Dinner Time from 6:00 pm

Mature (Adult) Chicken
Regular Size レギュラーサイズ 1350 yen
Half Size ハーフサイズ 800 yen (as pictured)

Mature chickens have very tough meat, but it has a stronger / better taste than younger chicken meat.

Young Chicken
Regular Size レギュラーサイズ 1300 yen
Half Size ハーフサイズ 780 yen

Young chicken is juicy and so tender meat.

Mature Chicken Half and Young Chicken Half 1450 yen
Oyadori Wakadori Half and Half

Lunch Time between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm

Mature Chicken Set Meal 1000 yen
親鶏定食 Oyadorei Teishoku

Young Chicken Set Meal 1000 yen
若鶏定食 Wakadori Teishoku

These set meals include rice, soup and pickles.

Charcoal Grilled Adult Chicken Half Size 地鶏の炭火焼 親鳥 ハーフサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Putting this green paste which is Japanese yuzu citron pepper on the meat is good taste.

Charcoal Grilled Adult Chicken Half Size 地鶏の炭火焼 親鳥 ハーフサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

This dish was flavored salty.

Charcoal Grilled Adult Chicken Half Size 地鶏の炭火焼 親鳥 ハーフサイズ - Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Mature chickens 親鶏 Oyadori tend to have very tough meat, which is better to serve thinly sliced.

This restaurant's grilled mature chicken was cut into thick chunks, making it too chewy and tiring my jaw.

To be honest.
I should have ordered a dish with young chicken 若鶏 Wakadori instead, as the meat is more tender.

Menu メニュー Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Banana Umeshu (Plum Wine) バナナ梅酒

Umesennin Mojikou Banana Umeshu (Plum Wine) 梅仙人 門司港バナナ梅酒 - 虎視眈々 Koshitantan

Alcoholic beverages

Banana Umeshu (Plum Wine) 660 yen

Umesennin Mojikou Banana Umeshu
梅仙人 門司港バナナ梅酒
This liquor is 9% alcohol when you drink it straight.

Tomato High 520 yen
Tomato juice mixed with shochu

When I went to the restaurant the mini-appetizer of cover charge was mashed pumpkin salad as pictured above. (It might be changed every day.)

Menu メニュー Koshitantan 虎視眈々
Menu メニュー Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Draft Beer (SAPPORO)
630 yen

Do you like umeshu (plum wine)?
Another restaurant in Tokyo specializes in 100 kinds of umeshu.

All-You-Can-Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine (梅酒 Umeshu) in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo - Puedo Bar プエドバル


This restaurant is a type of Izakaya 居酒屋. Izakaya is a Japanese style bar / pub.

Most Izakaya bars hope customers order at least 1 item of food and 1 drink per person.
In most cases, it is not a rule but kind of a Japanese style courtesy for eating at an Izakaya.

At some Izakaya bars it is a rule, and inform of this on their menu or wall. This culture can differ and depends on the Izakaya.

I recommend this Izakaya KOSHITANTAN 虎視眈々 because they kindly accept customers ordering food without ordering drinks (it is written on their official website), but when you go there at dinner time, all customers are charged cover charge. (Maybe around 250 - 300 yen per person) Although, at the lunch time the charge is waved.

Menu メニュー Koshitantan 虎視眈々

At dinner time, you can order a main dish from an a la carte menu and side dishes such as rice and soup, without also needing to order a drink. Water is free of charge.

If you don't order any drinks you should order a main dish (such as chicken namban, grilled chicken, etc.) and a side dish.

Examples (Rice and Soup Type Dishes)

  • 冷や汁 Hiyajiru 760 yen
    Chilled Soup with Rice

  • とろとろ卵の地鶏の親子丼 Oyakodon 960 yen
    Simmered Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl
    (Choose mature or young chicken)

  • 地鶏と青紫蘇漬けのチャーハン Cha-han
    Stir Fried Rice with Chicken and Pickles

  • 地鶏の茶漬け Ochaduke 960 yen
    Hot Soup with Rice and Chicken

  • つくねカレー Tsukune Curry 900 or 600 yen
    Ground Chicken Meat Crurry Rice

  • おにぎり Onigiri 600 yen
    2-Rice Balls

  • 白飯 Shiromeshi 250 yen
    A Cup of Simple Rice

  • 玉葱入りつくね汁【小】 Tamanegi-iri Tsukune-jiru (Small)
    780 or 420(Small) yen
    Onion and Ground Chicken Soup

  • 白飯・つくね汁【小】セット Rice and Onion Soup 580 yen
    A cup of simple rice and onion soup (Small)
Koshitantan 虎視眈々
Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Smoking is allowed. This is an ash tray.

Koshitantan 虎視眈々

When you find this lantern, walk into a narrow alley below.

Koshitantan 虎視眈々

Restaurant (Izakaya) name

Business hours
Lunch menu: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
They offer some kinds of reasonable lunch set meals.
(Saturday and Sunday are closed.)

Dinner menu: 6:00 pm -
(Sunday is closed.)

Irregular holiday

  • At dinner, cover charge is maybe around 250 or 300 yen per person including mini-appetizer.
    At lunch, it is not charged when you order a lunch set meal.
  • No service fee
  • Smoking is allowed.
  • 10% tax is included in the prices.
  • Credit card is not accepted.
  • There is a bathroom outside the restaurant. Turn right when you exit the restaurant.
  • This restaurant also allows your bill to be rounded down to the nearest 100 or ?? yen at dinner. (Unreliable information)

When you search for the restaurant name 虎視眈々 on Google Maps, it shows the the correct location of the restaurant, but the navigation is incorrect.

You can't get to the the restaurant if you follow it.

Instead, here is the correct navigation of Google Maps from the Shibuya Crossing (Station) to the restaurant on foot.

Check out the map below!

Photos, prices and information are as of January 2020.

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