Deep-Fried Food on a Skewer at KUSHIKATSU TANAKA 串カツ田中 all over Japan 串揚げ

Deep-fried foodon a skewerA restaurant chain Kushikatu Tanaka 串カツ田中 which is good for non-smokers.

Straw NATTO わら納豆 is Japanese traditional healthy food.

Hopefully, you already know about Natto 納豆 (Fermented soybeans). It is a popular Japanese food and known as a healthy food, but some people don't like the strong smell and sticky taste.

Tempura Restaurant Chain TENDON TENYA in Japan - 天丼てんや・天ぷら

TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや is a chain tempura restaurant, and offers a large variety of inexpensive tempura foods. Taste very good!Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with several pieces of tempura with a special sauce.

Non-smoking restaurants and bars in Japan 禁煙の飲食店

This post introduces non-smoking restaurants in (mainly downtown Tokyo) Japan to non-smokers.Most of the restaurants and bars in Japan accept smoking inside during eating or drinking.Some places have both smoking and non-smoking rooms but in most case...

Japanese Bar Restaurant TORIKIZOKU 居酒屋 鳥貴族 - 焼き鳥 Grilled chicken on a skewer

A 298-yen bar restaurant chain TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族 offers all food items and beverages for 298 yen (327 yen including 10% tax). They use domestically produced chicken, vegetables and so on.This chain has more than 600 branches in Japan. There are many bran...

Poop Kanji Workbook (Unko Kanji Drill) うんこ漢字ドリル

I recommend a great workbook for learning Kanji 漢字 to people who are learning Japanese 日本語.A unique thing about the workbook is that the sample sentences includes Kanji.All sentences are about poo-poo.

Hanamaru Udon はなまるうどん - Noodles, Tempura 天ぷら

Hanamaru Udon is large udon chain restaurant. They offer inexpensive udon all over Japan. I like their udon borth and tempura. They offer many kinds of Udon and tempura. Udon costs from 150 yen. A piece of tempura costs 100 yen to more.

A beef bowl chain YOSHINOYA 吉野家 also offers pork bowl, curry rice and veggie meal 牛丼・豚丼・カレー・ベジ定食

This beef bowl chain has more than 1200 restaurants all over Japan. It could be easy for international tourists to find the restaurant, if you walk around downtown of big city like Tokyo 東京, Osaka 大阪 and so on.

2/2 Yakushima Island National Park, World Natural Heritage in Japan 世界自然遺産 屋久島

At last we arrived at Jomon-sugi Ceder 縄文杉.

1/2 Yakushima (Island) National Park, World Natural Heritage in Japan 世界自然遺産 屋久島

4 nights 5 days trip in Yakushima Island 屋久島to see ancient Jomon ceder 縄文杉!!

teamLab: Digitized Kochi Castle チームラボ 高知城 光の祭

Next Schedule November 8, 2019 - January 13, 2020 Place: Kochi Castle in Kochi City 高知市

Boobs? おっぱい

Beautiful boobs

Samurai Cosplay at a Museum in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo サムライミュージアム

If you have a samurai spirit, you can be samurai in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo.

Low Priced Lunch at SAKURASUISAN さくら水産 in Shinjuku 新宿, Ginza 銀座, Harajuku 原宿 of Tokyo

SAKURASUISAN さくら水産 is Japanese bar restaurant chain. They amazingly low priced lunch!

Discover Small Aliens in Japan

The aliens were caught and preserved by canning in Japan.Why don't you get the can?

Fishing Restaurant ZAUO ざうお within a Building - Sashimi, Seafood さしみ・海鮮料理

Don't worry about sinking this ship and seasickness.Youcan catch the fish yourself, and eat really fresh seafood on the ship in this building.Enjoy fishing and eating sashimi!

Prepaid SIM Card, Free Wi-Fi, Internet in Japan プリペイドSIMカード・フリーWi-Fi・インターネット

I recommend that international tourists useprepaid SIM card than free Wi-Fi in Japan.In Japan, free Wi-Fi is getting popular inside buildings such as hotels, cafes, train stations and so on.However, it is still not so very useful since I think tourist...

Field Trip to a Sake Brewery SUIGEI in Kochi Pref. 高知の「酔鯨」で酒蔵見学

SUIGEI built new sake brewery TOSA-KURA 土佐蔵 in Tosa City 土佐市 Kochi Prefecture 高知県. This brewery looks like a modern factory.I attended their field trip.

Mameshiba Dog Cafe "momoca" in Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku 四国 高知 豆柴ドッグカフェ

Mameshiba Dog Cafe momoca in Kami City Kochi 高知 Prefecture of Shikoku 四国, Japan.This cafe opened in September 2018. It is still unknown to many people. Right now, you should go there by car.

Note お知らせ

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