Parking Curb Stops in Tokyo Japan

I found cute ones in Tokyo. It is really rare and uncommon.

Watching Fireflies in Tokyo ホタル 蛍

Have you seen fireflies?An event for watching fireflies is being held in an observation room at Adachi Park of Living Things 足立生物園 in the daytime.

OWL'S FOREST: It is a room of owls in Japan フクロウの森

This place "Owl's Forest" specializes in owls. There are several types and sizes of owls, and you can softly touch them. There are 3 branches in Japan, such as Kamakura 鎌倉, Kyoto 京都 and Yufuin 由布院.

Mameshiba Dog Cafe in Harajuku Tokyo 原宿乃豆柴カフェ

Shibainu 柴犬 is traditional Japanese dog. (It is also called Shibaken)Mameshiba 豆柴 is smaller type of Shibainu.

Cat Cafe "Calico" in Tokyo 猫カフェきゃりこ (吉祥寺)

So many cats live here. However, you can't meet all of them once because of the rotation system. You can meet many cats and you won't get bored with all the different types of cats roaming around.

Discover Flying Penguins in the Sky of Ikebukuro 池袋 Tokyo Japan 空飛ぶペンギン

A Fairy Tale:Someone seriously claimed that penguins can fly in the sky.(All photos in this page are not fake!)

Japanese Dog SHIBAINU (SHIBAKEN) 柴犬 and Mameshiba 豆柴

Shibainu 柴犬 is traditional Japanese dog. (It is also called Shibaken)

An Elegant Wild Animal in Japan

I saw a strange wild animal from far away. What is that?

Mameshiba Dog Cafe "momoca" in Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku 四国 高知 豆柴ドッグカフェ

Mameshiba Dog Cafe momoca in Kami City Kochi 高知 Prefecture of Shikoku 四国, Japan.This cafe opened in September 2018. It is still unknown to many people. Right now, you should go there by car.