Standing Sake Bars in Tokyo - ANAGURA 窖, KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋, SUZUDEN 鈴傳 - 日本酒

Let's go to recommended sake stores (standing bars), and try paid sake tasting! Standing bars are much more reasonable than typical seating style places.

Standing Tempura Bars in Tokyo 天ぷら - KIKUYA 喜久や, TACHITENMARU 立天○

There are many kinds of standing bars in Japan, but standing tempura bars are rare. I will introduce 2 tempura bars in Tokyo that uses high quality ingredients such as seafood and oil. If you have the same quality tempura at a seating style luxury rest...

A Restaurant NINJA AKASAKA in Tokyo

NINJA AKASAKA is a restaurant with ninja amusements. Ninja will guide you to a hiding ninja village (in a building). Let's enjoy a great meal and amazing magic show too!

KIRIN ICHIBAN FROZEN BEER is instragrammable in Japan キリン一番搾りフローズン・インスタ映え

This is draft beer topped with something frozen. It looks like ice cream, but it is not sweet or normal froth. Actually, it is icy froth which is also made of beer.

Grilled Semi-dried Fish is a Japanese Traditional Food - 3 Recommended Restaurants in Tokyo ひもの屋、越後屋八十吉、居酒屋八丈島

Sakana-no-himono 魚の干物 is semi-dried fish that is a traditional Japanese food. Grilled himono ひものis popular in Japan. We often put a bit of soy sauce on it.I introduce 3 restaurants that offer himono in Tokyo.

Fish Egg and Soft Roe (Milt) of Japanese Food - Cod, Salmon, Herring

In Japan, fish eggs (roes) and milt of salmon, cod and other fish are popular. Of course, different people have different tastes, though.

Japanese Craft Beer in Tokyo - Recommended Pub / Bar Restaurant

Are you looking for Japanese craft beer in Tokyo? I know good bars and an event in downtown Tokyo.

Eat the Moving Squid Arms at a Bar Restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター in Tokyo - Calamari 烏賊

A Japanese bar restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. (Squid is called IKA in Japanese.) Some squids are kept alive in the fish tank of the restaurant. Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.

Hostel, Guest house, Backpackers in Tokyo Japan

This blog page introduces international tourists to recommended accommodation in central Tokyo.

All-You-Can-Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine (梅酒 Umeshu) in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo - Puedo Bar プエドバル

Plum wine is called Umeshu 梅酒 in Japanese.

Chicken on a Skewer (YAKITORI), Lightly Seared Chicken, Crunchy Chicken mixed with Japanese Ume Plum Paste 焼き鳥、鶏肉のたたき、梅水晶 - TORITETSU とり鉄

Have you eaten something very Japanese?I would introduce 3 different types of Japanese local foods to tourists from foreign countries. I think some people might dislike them because of the uniqueness in texture.

Sushi Making Experience at UOGASHI-SUSHI in Tokyo 東京 魚がし寿司 寿司握り体験

Emblem Hostel エンブレムホステル in Tokyo sometimes organizes sushi making experience event for the guests of the hostel. You will walk to a nostalgic Japanese style sushi bar near the hostel. You must enjoy making sushi and the bar's atmosphere.

Grilled minced chicken skewer つくね専門 鳥の王様 TORINO-OUSAMA in Nishiarai 西新井 Tokyo 東京 - Yakitori 焼き鳥

This Japanese bar restaurant specializes in grilled chicken mince patty on a skewer. There are over ten different varieties of grilled minced chicken skewers such as garlic, cheese, fruit, basil, mayonnaise and many more. (They are 90 yen to more.) Nama-t...

A Type of Bar in Japan Called a GIRL'S BAR

I'd like to introduce you to a type of bar that can be found in Japan called a GIRL'S BAR, which is a kind of Japanglish.

BEEF KITCHEN STAND ビーフキッチンスタンド Akihabara 秋葉原, Shinjuku 新宿, Shinbashi 新橋 in Tokyo

This restaurant offers many different kinds of amazingly low priced foods for between 100 and 380 yen. (They are small size though.)

Yuigahama Beach 由比ガ浜海水浴場 in Kamakura 鎌倉 City Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture near Tokyo

Yuigahama 由比ガ浜 Beach is the most popular around Kanagawa 神奈川 and Tokyo 東京.A lot of young people go there to enjoy summer holidays.Beach houses and bars open from July to August.

Standing Bar BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 in Tokyo

Standing Bar BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 in Tokyo This bar is still unknown spot for international tourists. BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 is really popular with local people. Most of the dishes cost between 130 and 310 yen. Only a few kinds of dishes are 490 yen.