Kanda 神田


Oyster Lunch at an Izakaya Restaurant TOBIUME 飛梅 in Tokyo Japan かき小屋・ランチ

This restaurant specializes in fresh oysters, grown in Miyagi 宮城, Japan, an oyster-producing district. They offer low-priced and tasty set meals at lunch time.

HottoMotto ほっともっと is a takeout food shop chain in Japan. Get a rice bowl DELUXE TOKU DON デラックス得丼

They have more than 2700 shops across Japan, and their business model is that they don't provide a place to dine in the shop, strictly takeout.

Japanese Teishoku Restaurant YAYOI (やよい軒 YAYOIKEN) in Japan offers Beef Sukiyaki すき焼き, Chicken Namban チキン南蛮

A restaurant chain YAYOI (やよい軒 YAYOIKEN) offers many kinds of meals.Especially, I like their chicken namban. It is yummy!

Soba Noodles and Tempura at a Restaurant YUDETARO ゆで太郎 in Japan 蕎麦 そば 天ぷら

Yudetaro is a chain restaurant and specializes in soba そば (buckwheat noodles). It is one of the Japanese traditional noodles.

Fresh Tuna Bowl at a Seafood Restaurant ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産 - まぐろ丼・海鮮丼

They specializes in grilled seafood, and also offer good many kinds of seafood bowls.When you want to have a break during your trip in day time, this restaurant is good place to rest instead of staying expensive cafes.

RAMEN KAGETSU ARASHI らあめん花月嵐 in Kanda 神田 (near Akihabara 秋葉原) Tokyo : 醤油・味噌・塩ラーメン

Specialty: RAMEN KAGETSU ARASHI らあめん花月嵐 is a ramen chain. It specializes in genkotsu broth, a type of tonkotsu (pork bone-based) broth.

Sea Cucumber is Common Food at Sushi Restaurant and Izakaya (Japanese Style Bar) in Japan なまこ

Sea cucumber is called Namako なまこ / ナマコ in Japanese.Thinly sliced fresh (raw) sea cucumber is used for a kind of Japanese vinegared food. It is usually served with ponzu sauce (citrus-flavored soy sauce).

Grilled Organ Meat on a Skewer of a Restaurant KUSHIYA-YOKOCHO in Tokyo 串屋横丁 もつ焼きセンター

A bar restaurant chain in Japan specializes in a variety of organ meats of mainly pork which is very cheap and chewy.But they use fresh and tasty ones. They also offer a few kinds of chicken and beef.

Unadon (Eel Bowl) Restaurant UNATOTO うな丼 宇奈とと

Specialty UNATOTO 宇奈とと is a restaurant chain that specializes in Unadon うな丼. It is an eel bowl (Unagi bowl).In Japan, we call eel Unagi. Unagi is usually expensive, nutritious fish, and of rare value in Japan, but UNATOTO is the most reasonable restaurant...

Solo Karaoke in a Spaceship Capsule at 1 KARA

Are you traveling Japan?Do you want to go to karaoke?Two recommended karaoke establishments are below.

Satisfactory 500 Yen Level Meals in Japan

I write about various topics on this blog. Now, I'll try another Satisfactory 500 Yen Level Meals in Japan in this blog.

Reasonable Ramen Restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋

I have often had food at a chain restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋.You can choose from a variety of reasonable foods such as ramen, gyoza (dumpling), and many kinds of stir-fried foods.

Japanese Bar Restaurant TORIKIZOKU 居酒屋 鳥貴族 - 焼き鳥 Grilled chicken on a skewer

A 298-yen bar restaurant chain TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族 offers all food items and beverages for 298 yen (327 yen including 10% tax). They use domestically produced chicken, vegetables and so on.This chain has more than 600 branches in Japan. There are many bran...