Kichijoji 吉祥寺


ICHIBANKAN 中華食堂 一番館!

This restaurant chain offers reasonable pork bowl, ramen and so on. Amazingly, low price and tasty!

Where to eat Matcha and Mochi Sweets in Tokyo 抹茶・餅スイーツ

I will introduce some matcha cafes.

Cat Cafe "Calico" in Tokyo 猫カフェきゃりこ (吉祥寺)

So many cats live here. However, you can't meet all of them once because of the rotation system. You can meet many cats and you won't get bored with all the different types of cats roaming around.

Ranking of Reasonable Pork Bowls in Tokyo 豚丼

I prefer pork bowl to beef bowl. This is my ranking of pork bowl.

KIRIN ICHIBAN FROZEN BEER is instragrammable in Japan キリン一番搾りフローズン・インスタ映え

This is draft beer topped with somethingfrozen. It looks like ice cream, but it is not soft serve ice cream or normalfroth.Actually, it is icy froth which is also made of beer.