Shimokitazawa 下北沢


Sushi Go Round KAISEN MISAKIKO 回転寿司 海鮮三崎港 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

Kaisen Misakiko 海鮮三崎港 is a sushi restaurant chain in Japan.Their sushi prices are 110, 190, 260, 300, 390, 490 or 590 yen per 1 dish. (not including 10% tax)

ICHIKAKUYA (also called IKKAKUYA) is a chain specializing in a style of Yokohama-Iekei ramen in Japan. 横浜家系ラーメン 壱角家

Yokohama Iekei Style began as a single ramen restaurant in Yokohama 横浜 City Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture next to Tokyo a long time ago. Iekei ramen is one of Yokohama's local culinary delicacies.

Tomato Ramen of a Noodles Shop TAIYONO-TOMATOMEN in Japan 太陽のトマト麺・ラーメン

I usually eat typical Japanese ramen such as shoyu (soy sauce), miso, shio (salt), and tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen, but sometimes I have a craving for something else like tomato ramen.

Ranking of Reasonable Pork Bowls in Tokyo 豚丼

I prefer pork bowl to beef bowl. This is my ranking of pork bowl.

What do you want to buy as souvenirs when you leave Japan? How about Socks, Kimono, Replica Food?

I often heard that many tourists from foreign countries bought Japanese colorful socks, low priced kimono and replica food.

Japanese Style Barbecue at 焼肉 安楽亭 Yakiniku ANRAKUTEI - Kuroge (Black) Wagyu Beef 黒毛和牛

They offer many kinds of reasonable beef and some kinds of pork and chicken. The best choice is Kuroge (Black) wagyu beef.

Gyoza OHSHO 餃子の王将 - Ramen and Chinese Food Restaurant Chain in Japan ラーメン・炒飯

Are you tired of eating Japanese food during traveling in Japan?If so, I recommend this Chinese food restaurant chainGyoza OHSHO 餃子の王将.