The Best Tuna Sashimi and Cutting Performance at a Restaurant MAGURO-SHOUTEN in Shinjuku Tokyo まぐろ商店 新宿 鮪刺身 解体ショー

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店Food

Enjoy watching a tuna cutting performance and eating fresh tuna!

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Bar restaurant name

This restaurant specializes in many kinds of tuna foods.
Sashimi (raw), grilled, cutlet, sushi, etc.

Tuna Cutting Performance

One of their specialties is a tuna cutting performance, every day. Don't miss it!

The show starts
Monday - Friday 7:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday and national holiday 6:30 pm

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

At that time, you can move from your table to the performance area, and watch it at a distance of about 2m (6.56ft.). It is a good show for international tourists, because general restaurants and fish markets don’t hold this type of performance. So this is a rare restaurant experience.

Taking picture of the tuna cutting performance is allowed in this restaurant.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

The weight of the tuna is usually between 20 and 40kg (44.0 and 88.1lb), but it depends on seasonal changes and when purchasing from a fish market. Although the size can sometimes be smaller.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

I highly recommend Nama-maguro 生まぐろ.

There is another specialty food made from Nama-maguro. It means tuna which have usually not been frozen since the tuna had been fished. The tuna is shipped directly to this restaurant as soon as possible, so that this restaurant’s Nama-maguro is perfectly fresh for tuna sashimi. If you have issues with sashimi, you should try this restaurant’s sashimi. You will be a sashimi-loving person.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Here you can eat a wide variety of different tuna cuts, some of which may be unfamiliar to you, but all of which will be delicious because of the tuna’s freshness.

When you look over the menu, you will find some foods which are named “ 生まぐろ… (Nama-maguro) ” in Japanese. Those are definitely fresh tuna and worth trying.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

“Tuna” is spelled either way “ まぐろ / マグロ / ” in Japanese.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

You might find a monster “Half man and half fish”.  😆 

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

English menu
This restaurant uses a touch screen device like an Android tablet device and a paper menu.
English picture menu is available on the touch screen.

Order / Payment
You can order at your table using the touch screen or via the staff. You can change the language of the touch screen from Japanese to English.
If you select food with the touch screen, please don’t forget to tap the accept button to complete your order, otherwise you won’t ever get the food.
(Sorry. I didn’t check the exact name of the button, but you can easily find the button.)

  • The list prices are not including tax.
  • Cover charge with a small side dish is 380 yen / person. (This 380 yen might be changed now.)
  • No service fee
  • English menu is available.
  • Credit card is accepted.
  • Smoking is accepted. Unknown
Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

The small side dish of the table charge can sometimes be changed. This system is called Otooshi お通し.

Recommended food
After the tuna cutting performance, you can order the fresh tuna. For only 30 minutes, some cost effective foods will be available and displayed on the touch screen. These foods are only discounted during that time. When the 30 minutes have passed, the prices return to the regular prices.
First come, first served!

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Nama-maguro-no-okemori 生まぐろの桶盛り
You can choose from two sizes.
One is 200g (0.44lb) for 1 - 2 people and costs 1980 yen. (in the photo above)
The other one is 400g (0.88lb) for 3 - 4 people and costs 3480 yen.

This restaurant offers great quality soy sauce and wasabi for sashimi.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

These foods look like a pile of tuna sashimi on a tub, but there is some shredded Japanese daikon radish under the tuna sashimi. It is a good idea to eat it with a little bit of soy sauce like a salad. It makes your mouth feel refreshed from the slightly oily taste of the tuna sashimi.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Ootoro-no-osashimi 大トロのお刺身 Price ? yen (As Quoted)
Ootoro is a fatty tuna, considered delicious and is of the highest quality and therefore is the most expensive dish. The amount of Ootoro is small in tuna fish.

This restaurant offers this Ootoro at an amazingly discounted price during this 30 minute period only, and is limited-availability. Although it is sold at market price, it is still much more reasonable than in other nice restaurants.

Exceptionally, this food won’t be displayed on the touch screen menu. Instead, the staff asks the customers if they would like to have it. After you have been served, the price will be charged on your touch screen.
You shouldn’t miss eating their Ootro-no-osashimi. I wanna eat it again!

Sake 日本酒 - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Nomikurabe-set 飲み比べセット - Junmaishu-sanshu 純米酒三種 890 yen
This is a set drinks of sake. You can select 3 kinds of sake from the sake list.

Nomikurabe-set 飲み比べセット - Ginjoushu-sanshu 吟醸酒三種 1,490 yen
This is a set drinks of sake. 3 kinds of sake are recommended by the restaurant. These are fixed items of sake.

Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Sashimi and rice match very well. This restaurant offers tasty rice.


Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

Websites (in Japanese)

売切御免!毎日解体 まぐろ商店(ウリキレゴメン マイニチカイタイ マグロショウテン)|居酒屋
居酒屋 売切御免!毎日解体 まぐろ商店のお店情報。東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-23-14 第1メトロビルB1 0351553255 メニューや地図など詳細情報が充実。


Business hours
(This restaurant opens all year round except year-end through New Year holidays.)

Monday - Friday, pre-holiday5:00 pm - 0:00 am
Saturday12:00 pm - 0:00 am
Sunday, national holiday12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tuna - Maguro-shouten まぐろ商店

If you go to the restaurant alone, probably the staff will guide you to a counter bar. It is a good idea for you to see the tuna cutting performance and cooking view of sashimi very closely.

The nearest station is Shinjuku (新宿) Station in Tokyo.

Photos were taken in 2015 but this information is updated in June 2019. Menu and prices might be changed now.

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