Japanese Mother's Cooking / Home Style Daily Dishes at a Restaurant MAIDO-OOKINI SHOKUDO まいどおおきに食堂 家庭料理・おふくろの味

Our daily Japanese food is inexpensive and nutritious. Would you like to try real daily Japanese food?

All-You-Can-Eat Natto at SENDAIYA in Tokyo せんだい屋・納豆食べ放題

If you like natto, I highly recommend you go to a natto shop SENDAIYA せんだい屋 in Tokyo. They offer all-you-can-eat natto.They specializes in natto and have own natto factory in Yamanashi 山梨 Prefecture located next to Tokyo. They sell many kinds of natto...

Straw NATTO わら納豆 is Japanese traditional healthy food.

Hopefully, you already know about Natto 納豆 (Fermented soybeans). It is a popular Japanese food and known as a healthy food, but some people don't like the strong smell and sticky taste.