Secondhand Anime Figures and Video Games Stores for Geeks (Otaku) in Tokyo 中古フィギュア・テレビゲーム

Figure フィギュア Culture
Figure フィギュア

Are you looking for rare figures and retro video games?
Check out recommended stores below.

Sofmap AKIBA #1 Subculture&Mobile

ソフマップAKIBA①号店 サブカル・モバイル館
It is located in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo.

Figure フィギュア
Figure フィギュア
Figure フィギュア
Figure フィギュア
Figure フィギュア

Store name
Sofmap AKIBA #1 Subculture&Mobile
ソフマップAKIBA①号店 サブカル・モバイル館

  • 8F  Event
  • 7F  Temporally Closed
  • 6F  Temporally Closed
  • 5F  PC Video Game
  • 4F  PC Video Game
  • 3F  Figure
  • 2F  Video Game, Anime, Music CD
  • 1F  Smartphone, SIM Card

Website (in Japanese)


Hobby OFF

Figure フィギュア
There are many kinds of stores for geeks in Akihabara 秋葉原, Tokyo 東京.
These days, many tourists go shopping there which has caused the prices for many items (geek goods), especially secondhand toys, to become unreasonable.
Secondhand toy stores located outside of Akihabara are cheaper than the stores in Akihabara.

I recommend a second-hand toys chain.

Store name
Hobby OFF ホビーオフ

If you are international tourists looking for Japanese toys for cheaper prices, you should take a look in the stores.

What kinds of items does Hobby OFF sell?
product category:

  • Collectable Card
  • Miniature Toy
  • Girls Toy
  • Boys Toy
  • Gun, Military goods
  • Radio control car
  • Figure
  • Plastic model
  • Minicar
  • Model railway
  • Toys
  • Video game (Retro game)

Website (in Japanese)

ホビーオフ | 中古品の買取・販売ならハードオフ(楽器・家電・家具など取扱商品多数のリサイクルショップ)
Their stores are usually located in the suburbs, and are not easy to access on foot, but 2 stores in Tokyo are near the stations.

Hobby OFF Kitasenju Store 北千住店

The nearest station is Kitasenju 北千住 Station
on Tokyo Metro 東京メトロ
on JR
on TSUKUBA EXPRESS つくばエクスプレス
on Tobu 東武

Hobby OFF Kameidotenjinmae Store 亀戸天神前店

The nearest stations are
Kameido 亀戸 Station on JR
Kameidosuijin 亀戸水神 Station on Tobu 東武

These stores business hours is 10:30 am - 8:00 pm, open every day.
You can walk to the stores for 7 - 10 minutes from the stations.

Maid Bar in Akihabara 秋葉原 Tokyo

Cafe&Bar MERMAID in Akihabara Tokyo - Enjoy Chatting with Very Attractive Maids and All You Can Drink! 飲み放題カフェ&バー・マーメイド 東京 秋葉原
This is a maid bar, where the female bartenders wear maid costume.I have been to several maid cafes or maid bars in Tokyo.To be honest, this place is the best maid cafe and bar in my life because all maids wear amazingly cute, lovely and attractive costume...