Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野 is wonderful hiking and camping place in Japan.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野 Sightseeing

I introduces international tourists to Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野 Prefecture.
Kamikochi 上高地 is one of the most beautiful scenic hiking places in Japan. It is a part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park 中部山岳国立公園. Kamikochi is located about 1500 meters above sea level and around the bottom of mountainous area of Northern Japan Alps.


Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野

The hiking trails in the park of Kamikochi are for beginner hikers, because the trails are well maintained, go along Azusa River (Azusa-gawa River) 梓川, and mainly flat in the forest. This park is also known for a sightseeing resort, a camping place and one of the entrances of tall mountains about 3000 meters.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野

You can enjoy not only hiking but also hot springs and nice restaurants there. Some types of hotels, lodges, cottages and camping sites are available.
If you like beautiful nature and adventurous experience, you shouldn't miss Kamikochi during your trip in Japan!

Map of The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan 国土地理院の地図


Is Kamikochi open year-round?

It is scheduled to be open between mid-April and mid-November. You can go to Kamikochi by yourself in winter, but the accommodations, the shops and the buses are closed during off season.

Do I have to pay the admission fee?

You are not charged, when you enter the park.

Admission fee of Myojin Pond 明神池 is 300 yen.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野

How many days are required, if I walk all of the trails in the park of Kamikochi?

One night two days trip is recommended. A day trip is not enough to see all spots, and you maybe need to skip some good spots or walk around quickly.

Are there any ATMs in the park?

There is no ATM. Some shops do not accept credit cards.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野

Are there any chain convenience stores in the park?

None of the convenience stores is available, but some restaurants, cafes, food and souvenir shops are available.

Can I buy fuel for a camping stove in the park such as canned gas and white gasoline?

Yes. Kamikochi Information Center 上高地インフォメーションセンター beside Kamikochi Bus Terminal sells gas cartridges of EPIgas and PRIMS.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野

Can I go skiing or snowboarding in the park?

No. Kamikochi is not skiing / snowboarding resort.

How does the Internet of a cell phone work?

You can use the cell phone in the main area of the park.

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野
  • No collecting – Please do not collect plants or living creatures, including insects.

  • No feeding – Please do not feed the wild animals.

  • No littering – Please take all your litter with you.

  • No bringing in – Please do not bring pets or alien species.

  • No stepping into – Please stay on the path.

Wild animals such as monkeys, ducks, and pigeons are becoming used to humans in Kamikochi.
If this continues, the wild animals may attack people, and not be able to live naturally in nature.

Written by Ministry of the Environment (環境省)

Japan Alps Kamikochi 上高地 in Nagano 長野
  • Smoking while walking is a lack of manner in the park.

  • There is no trash box on the trails and in the public facilities.

  • During the hiking, you should always bring a rain jacket or an umbrella, because you might be caught in a sudden shower, especially in summer.

I have ever been to Kamikochi a few times, because Kamikochi always makes me relaxed and comfortable very well. I wanna go there again!

If you are interested in Japanese nature, don't miss Kamikochi.


Useful Websites

上高地ビジターセンター (環境省)
Chubusangaku National Park [MOE]
上高地の公営施設 | 上高地観光施設事業【公式】

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