Straw NATTO わら納豆 is Japanese traditional healthy food.

Straw Natto わら納豆Food
Straw Natto わら納豆

Hopefully, you already know about Natto 納豆 (Fermented soybeans). It is a popular Japanese food and known as a healthy food, but some people don't like the strong smell and sticky taste.

If you have not had natto before or if you have issues with natto, you shouldn't eat normal natto of general supermarkets (cheap natto, 3 packs about 100 yen). Instead, I will show you best natto for beginner.


Straw Natto わら納豆

This is a real traditional Natto. 1 pack costs about 200 yen.
Natto was made with straw long time ago. Unfortunately it is difficult to find it these days. Manufactures usually use polystyrene foam or something instead of straw.

Straw Natto わら納豆

Honestly this straw Natto is much better taste and flavor than polystyrene foam one.

Straw Natto わら納豆

Why not try straw Natto in Japan?
Open the straw package. Usually small packs of sauce and mustard are included.

Straw Natto わら納豆

Put the Natto into a cup, and then mix with the sauce and mustard.

Straw Natto わら納豆

You are ready to eat. Put it on rice.


Where to find straw Natto in Tokyo?

Store name
IBARAKI sense (Old name: Ibaraki Marche 茨城マルシェ)

茨城県アンテナショップ IBARAKI sense 目利きのセンスによって厳選された、茨城のセンスある逸品により、茨城のセンスを世界に発信する、 上質でセンスあるストア を目指しています。

Store (Restaurant) name

納豆工房 せんだい屋 池尻大橋店 Natto SENDAIYA

Some beef bowl chains below offer Natto, but there is no straw Natto, but it is worth trying.
Look over their menu about Natto on the official websites.

Beef Bowl Chain Restaurant MATSUYA 松屋 - 牛めし(牛丼) カルビ焼肉定食 カレギュウ Curry Rice
One of the popular beef bowl chain restaurants is MATSUYA 松屋. They offer beef bowl and several kinds of set meals.The set meals have several slices of meat, rice, salad and miso soup.
A beef bowl chain YOSHINOYA 吉野家 also offers pork bowl, curry rice and veggie meal 牛丼・豚丼・カレー・ベジ定食
This beef bowl chain has more than 1200 restaurants all over Japan. It could be easy for international tourists to find the restaurant, if you walk around downtown of big city like Tokyo 東京, Osaka 大阪 and so on.