A beef bowl chain YOSHINOYA 吉野家 also offers pork bowl, curry rice and veggie meal 牛丼・豚丼・カレー・ベジ定食

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家Food

This beef bowl chain has more than 1200 restaurants all over Japan. It could be easy for international tourists to find the restaurant, if you walk around downtown of big city like Tokyo 東京, Osaka 大阪 and so on.

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 Gyuzara Teishoku 498 yen (547 yen including tax)

When you order any kinds of set meals 定食 such as Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食, free rice refill service is available for 24 hours.
* Except bowl type food such as beef / pork bowl, curry rice and so on.

Don't hesitate to ask for another bowl of rice from the staff.
You say,

Excuse me.

Gohan nami kudasai 
Regular size of rice, please

Gohan hanbun kudasai
Half size of rice, please.

When are ordering a set meal, you can also change the rice to the large size for free if you want. (No extra charge.)
Gohan oomori ご飯大盛 (Large rice)

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

This set meal is served with beef, rice, miso soup and raw egg.

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家
Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

In Japan, we eat raw egg. Don't worry! It is safe to eat.

Japanese Raw Egg is Safe to Eat. 生卵(生玉子)、温泉玉子(温泉卵)
In Japan, we often eat raw eggs, typically those of chicken or quail. Many types of dishes are served with raw egg or a half boiled egg.
Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

Raw egg, mixed with rice and some soy sauce, is a really popular food.

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

If you don't want to eat raw egg, you can change it to half boiled egg for an extra charge of 10 yen at Yoshinoya.

Hanjuku-tamago ni kaete kudasai
Please change to soft boiled egg.

I think their food menu is wrong about this egg.
Actually, the egg is half boiled egg 温泉玉子 Onsen-tamago, NOT soft boiled egg 半熟玉子 Hanjuku-tamago

Beef Plate Meal 牛皿定食 - YOSHINOYA 吉野家

When I got another cup of rice, I made mini beef bowl.

Any kinds of set meals (called Teishoku 定食) include free refills for 24 hours.

When you order a refill the staff will bring you a new cup of rice and a receipt. The receipts are part of their ordering system and do not have any charges associated with them.

Beef Bowl 牛丼

Yoshinoya 吉野家 Beef bowl 牛丼

Beef Bowl 牛丼 Gyudon 352 yen

Yoshinoya 吉野家 Beef bowl 牛丼

​‎At this beef bowl restaurant, chili pepper and red pickled ginger are prepared on the table, for free. I think these match the beef bowl very well as seasonings.

If you would like extra beef juice, you can say this sentence when you order your beef bowl.

Tsuyudaku de onegaishimasu
Can I have extra beef juice, please?

You can enjoy the beef bowl more juicy and with sweeter rice than the standard bowl. It is free of charge.

Pork Bowl 豚丼

Pork Bowl YOSHINOYA 豚丼 吉野家

Pork Bowl 豚丼 Butadon 338 yen

Instead of cold water, you can get hot (Japanese) tea for free through the year, if you order. 

Pork Bowl YOSHINOYA 豚丼 吉野家

Chicken Spicy Curry チキンスパイシーカレー

Yoshinoya 吉野家 Chicken Spicy Curry チキンスパイシーカレー

Chicken Spicy Curry チキンスパイシーカレー 514 yen

Yoshinoya 吉野家 Chicken Spicy Curry チキンスパイシーカレー

I was not spicy for me.

Veggie Meal ベジ定食

YOSHINOYA 吉野家 Vegetable Set Meal ベジ定食・ベジ皿

Veggie Meal ベジ定食 VeggieTeishoku 454 yen
* This is seasonal menu.

This vegetable based dish is available now for a limited time (seasonal food).

These photos of Veggie Meal were taken in 2018. Ingredients are changed according to the latest menu in 2019. Please check out the menu on their official website.

YOSHINOYA 吉野家 Vegetable Set Meal ベジ定食・ベジ皿

It is vegetable set meal includes rice and miso soup. There are several kinds of vegetables on the pan.

YOSHINOYA 吉野家 Vegetable Set Meal ベジ定食・ベジ皿

Are you a vegetarian?
NO meat anywhere on it.

However, this is made for semi vegetarians, not for vegan and strict vegetarians. Although it consists of a lot of vegetables, a little bit chicken are used in preparing it as a seasoning / sauce.
YOSHINOYA's website officially states that chicken in this food.

I couldn't find if their miso soup consists meat or fish on the website, but in most cases miso soup is made from dried‐bonito fish, miso and so on. I would assume their miso soup is the same as well.

YOSHINOYA 吉野家 Vegetable Set Meal ベジ定食・ベジ皿

To be honest, I prefer their beef bowl to this vegetable food because I'm not vegetarian.



Restaurant name

Business hours for most restaurants are from morning through night. Although business hours depend on the location, such as inside a shopping mall and so on.

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ENGLISH | 株式会社吉野家の公式ウェブサイトです。牛丼をはじめとしたバラエティー豊かな吉野家メニューや店舗情報、アルバイト募集情報などを掲載。
  • Consumption tax is not included in the price on the menu.
  • English picture menu is available.
  • No cover charge / No service fee
  • You order at your table. You will pay at the cash desk after finishing your meal.
吉野家TVCM|『テイクアウトも』篇 (佐藤二朗/若月佑美)

Prices and information are as of January 2020.

Another beef bowl chain

Beef Bowl Chain Restaurant MATSUYA 松屋 - 牛めし(牛丼) カルビ焼肉定食 カレギュウ Curry Rice
One of the popular beef bowl chain restaurants is MATSUYA 松屋. They offer beef bowl and several kinds of set meals.The set meals have several slices of meat, rice, salad and miso soup.