A cloak room app "ecbo cloak" is effortless and useful while traveling Japan instead of using coin lockers. コインロッカー・クローク・アプリ

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There is an app called "ecbo cloak" about cloak rooms that is useful while traveling Japan.

ecbo cloak

There are some coin lockers in and around stations and bus stops in Japan.

In downtown areas, the lockers are often fully occupied, especially on weekends, and sometimes your stuff doesn't fit into the lockers.

You might be at a loss as what to do.

ecbo cloak

I will introduce a useful app about cloak room for tourists.

Instead of using the coin lockers, you can store your stuff in places such as restaurants, department stores, post offices and so on when you make a reservation online and pay by credit card.

ecbo cloak
ecbo cloak

Please take a look at the website for the app below.

ecbo cloak - luggage storage with your smartphone

I share my promo code with you. When you use ecbo cloak only for the first time you will receive 300 yen coupon. Before making a reservation put this code below.

ecbo cloak


ecbo cloak

Google Play

ecbo cloak

App Stpre

I recommend you choose 24 hours place to store your stuff, because you don't need to care about their closing time.

When I went sightseeing around Shibuya 渋谷 Tokyo, I used Karaoke BIG ECHO located near Shibuya Station (1 minute walk).

ecbo cloak
ecbo cloak

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