Amazingly Reasonable Italian Restaurant SAIZERIYA in Japan サイゼリヤ

Spaghetti スパゲッティ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤFood

It is an Italian restaurant chain. Most of the foods cost from 199 to 599 yen. Their foods are reasonable and taste very good. All of the restaurants are No smoking.

Saizeriya サイゼリヤ Cafe Restaurant

Restaurant name
Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Saizeriya specializes in Italian food such as pasta, pizza, gratin and so on. They also offer hamburger and chicken steak.

499 Yen Meal

HAYASHI Stew with Turmeric Rice ハヤシ&ターメリックライス - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

HAYASHI Stew with Turmeric Rice 499 yen

HAYASHI Stew with Turmeric Rice ハヤシ&ターメリックライス - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ
Spaghetti スパゲッティ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Spaghetti VONGOLE with Tomato 499 yen

The restaurant stopped serving this VONGOLE on July 10, 2019. I hope they put it back on the menu. It was delicious.

Spaghetti スパゲッティ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Plenty of Asari clams are in tomato soup spaghetti. Yummy!

Spaghetti スパゲッティ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

They offer several kinds of pasta for 299, 399 or 499 yen.

Spaghetti スパゲッティ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Please look over their main menu below.

イタリアンワイン&カフェレストラン サイゼリヤは、毎日の暮らしの豊かさを食を通して提案していきます。

500 Yen Lunch

Lunch ランチ - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Lunch menu is inexpensive. You can choose one food from 9 dishes such as spaghetti and hamburger steak and so on. They cost 500 yen.

The lunch is a set meal and includes salad and free refill of one type of soup. You can get free refills by yourself in the prepared soup area.
When you choose grilled food (hamburger or chicken steak) the set meal includes rice.

This lunch photo above was taken in 2015. Lunch menu is sometimes changed. Please refer to the latest lunch menu on the website.

イタリアンワイン&カフェレストラン サイゼリヤは、毎日の暮らしの豊かさを食を通して提案していきます。


“Lunch Drink Bar (Free Refills Non-alcoholic Drinks)” is optionally available if you order the lunch. It means that you can drink some items on the non-alcoholic drink menu and get free refills by yourself in the prepared soda fountain area. You need to pay an additional charge 110 yen.

When you don't order the lunch, standard “Drink Bar” is also available, if you order one food. It costs 190 yen.
You can stay here for only “Drink Bar” without eating food. You need to pay 280 yen.

Wine ワイン - Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

Red / White wine is recommended. A glass of wine is 100 yen.
250ml: 200 yen
500ml: 399 yen


Saizeriya サイゼリヤ

The food and soup of Saizeriya don't have a strong flavor. You can add salt, chili pepper, black pepper, grated cheese, tabasco, and extra virgin olive oil, as they are available for free on a prepared section.

Website (in Japanese)

イタリアンワイン&カフェレストラン サイゼリヤは、毎日の暮らしの豊かさを食を通して提案していきます。
  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • Tax is included in the prices.
  • At Saizeria restaurants, when you come there after 10:00 pm, you need to pay 10% late-night charge.
  • No smoking
  • Japanese picture menu is available. There is some information on the menu.
  • Credit card is not accepted.

There are more than 1000 restaurants all over Japan. In Tokyo, they are located popular sightseeing areas such as, Akihabara 秋葉原, Ginza 銀座, Roppongi 六本木, Shinjuku 新宿, Ueno 上野, Asakusa 浅草, Ryogoku 両国, Shibuya 渋谷, Yoyogi 代々木, Nakano 中野, Ikebukuro 池袋.

The spaghetti photos were taken in June 2019. Prices are as of June 2019.

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