Cute Maid Cafe and Bar OTOGIYA in Kochi (Shikoku Island) Japan

おとぎ家 cafe and bar 高知 コンカフェ コンセプト ガールズバー Girls Bar Food

When you visit a downtown in Kochi 高知 City of Shikoku 四国 Island, Japan. Let's get a drink and talk with pretty maid girls and local customers at a bar OTOGIYA.

This bar is permanently closed! (as of January 2023)

おとぎ家 cafe and bar 高知 コンカフェ コンセプト ガールズバー Girls Bar

Concept, Specialty

OTOGIYA cafe&bar
おとぎ家 cafe&bar

  • It is located downtown Kochi City.
  • Waitresses are dressed in cute maid costume, or sometimes other types, during special events.
  • If you are "woman, university student, high school student or younger", the seating charge is discounted. Check out their menu.
  • Young people (alcohol minors) can stay here like usual cafe, however this place offers alcoholic drinks like usual bars.

Counter seats and table seats are also available. The atmosphere of the room is cozy and comfortable like a cafe, more than a dimly-lit bar.

All of the maid girls are so cute!

Official Twitter

Their official Twitter is available, but there is no official website.

You can check the today's maid members, business hours and closed day on the Tweets. (in Japanese)

The list of all maid girls

Each one has own Twitter account. Please take a look at the Twitter list below.

Price, System

Business Hours

  • Tue, Wed, Thu 7:00 pm - 0:00 am
  • Fri, Sat 6:00 pm - 0:00 am
  • Sun 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Mon is closed.
  • They are irregularly closed or temporally change the business hours. Check out their official Twitter on the date you go. (in Japanese)

Price and System as of June 2022

The basic cost per person is “600 yen seating charge plus the cost of 1 drinkfor each hour.

If you are a person in the list below your seating charge is discounted. When you go into the bar, please tell the staff about it.

  • Woman: 300 yen
  • University student: 300 yen
  • High school student or younger: The charge is for free (0 yen) for both woman and man.

No tax, No service fee
(It means these are included in the prices.)

You have to order 1 drink per hour for you. You can choose from
Alcoholic drink: 800 yen
Non-alcoholic drink:650 yen
(It's your choice.)
They don't offer all-you-can-drink.

You can buy a drink for your favorite maid anytime, if you want. It is charged on your bill.
However, buying a drink is not necessary, it simply makes her happy. Then you will be happy, too.

  • 1 drink for the maid: 1000 yen
  • 1 picture of instax: 1000 yen
    You can purchase a Polaroid / instax (Cheki) with you and your favorite maid together.

They offer champagne, side dishes and so on.

Every 1 hour, your allotted time with the maids is automatically extended (without notice) and an additional 600 yen seating charge is added to your bill.

At that time, you have to order another drink.

If you're worried about this automatic extension, you can choose a preset amount of time for how long you want to stay with the maid when you enter the bar. This way, the maid can remind you when your allotted time is almost up.

At the entrance, you can point the sentence on your smartphone to the staff.

  • Only 1 hour
  • Only 2 hours


  • Do not touch maids!
  • Photography and video recording of the maids are prohibited.
おとぎ家 cafe and bar 高知 コンカフェ コンセプト ガールズバー Girls Bar

At this maid bar, you can enjoy talking with cute maid girls. However, that doesn't mean that they'll always talk to you.

If the bar is quiet and has a few customers, the maids will often come to your table and chat with you for a long time, which is lucky for you.

However, as could be expected, when the bar gets busy and flooded with many customers, the maid girls go back and forth around the counter, serving all the customers. As such, you won't be able to chat much with the maids.

One thing you can do is buy a drink for your favorite maid, which could lead to her talking with you for a bit longer.

Special Discount Price for First-Time Customers

For each person in the first hour, 2000 yen, which includes all of the following:

  • 1 hour seating charge (600 yen)
  • 1 alcoholic drink (800 yen)
  • 1 drink for the maid (1000 yen)
  • 1 instax picture (1000 yen)

The total amount would normally cost 3400 yen, but costs only 2000 yen for first-time customers (a discount of 1400 yen)!

Kindly note that after the first hour, the regular price per person of 600 yen for seating plus the cost of 1 drink for each hour will apply.

At the entrance, you can point the sentence on your smartphone to the staff.


Bring enough cash. I'm not sure if they accept credit cards.


If the waitress's face is fully covered, like in the picture above, you may post your instax on blog and social media.

Map, Access

You can walk to the bar from JR Kochi 高知 station.

We had very good time here! I will definitely come back to this bar soon!

* Information and prices are as of June 2022.

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