Traditional Japanese KOTATSU table こたつ in winter

Kotatsu こたつCulture

Kotatsu こたつ
Many Japanese people use this traditional table which is called KOTATSU こたつ in winter.
The table is covered by a thick blanket like in the picture above.

It has a built-in electric heater.
Kotatsu こたつ
We place our legs under the Kotatsu while sitting on the floor.
Once you sit in Kotatsu, it is hard to exit from it, because it is really comfortable.
Kotatsu こたつ
I sometimes spent nights lying under the table.
However, it is not a bed, and I realized I had slept all night long in Kotatsu.
Kotatsu こたつ
I don't recommend to sleep in Kotatsu for long hours, because sleeping long periods in Kotatsu makes our bodies sluggish and tired.
Nevertheless, sleeping in Kotatsu is nice and warm. I can't stop using Kotatsu during winter.
Kotatsu こたつ
In Japan, many furniture shops sell Kotasu mainly in winter.


A furniture shop in Tokyo:


A recommended branch in Tokyo : Oshiage-ekimaeten 押上駅前店
This shop is near Oshiage 押上 Station, and this area is a popular sightseeing place such as Tokyo Skytree.

A bar restaurant in Tokyo:
Honke KANOYA Kagoshima 本家 かのや 鹿児島

代々木・新宿で鹿児島の郷土料理とご当地の焼酎を楽しむ居酒屋 本家かのや
代々木・新宿の駅そばにある居酒屋。日本のフロリダと呼ばれており、焼酎・さつま揚げ・黒豚・さつま芋、薩摩地鶏・落花生・カンパチ等々… まさに“食材の宝庫”である鹿児島県鹿屋市の郷土料理とご当地の焼酎を「本家かのや」で是非!

(in Japanese) Some of their tables are Kotatsu during winter season.

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