A Kotatsu is a Japanese traditional table used in during winter. こたつ

Kotatsu こたつ Culture
Kotatsu こたつ

Many Japanese people use this traditional table which is called Kotatsu こたつ.
The table is covered by a thick blanket like in the picture above.

About Kotatsu

Kotatsu こたつ

A kotatsu is a traditional Japanese table used during winter which has a built-in electric heater.
Cheap kotatsu (75 × 75cm) costs around 7000 yen like in these photos. (not including the blanket) Of course, better quality and larger ones cost more.

We place our legs under the Kotatsu while sitting on the floor.
Once you sit in Kotatsu, it is hard to exit from it, because it is really comfortable.

Kotatsu こたつ

I sometimes spent nights lying under the table.
However, it is not a bed, and I realized I had slept all night long in Kotatsu.

The heater is a consumable part of kotatu. When you use it for several years, it might get broken. When that happens, you can buy a replacement at electrical shops or online.

Kotatsu こたつ

I don't recommend to sleep in Kotatsu for long hours, because sleeping long periods in Kotatsu makes our bodies sluggish and tired.
Nevertheless, sleeping in Kotatsu is nice and warm. I can't stop using Kotatsu during winter.

Kotatsu こたつ

If you use a Kotatsu you can save more money on electricity than using an air conditioner or an electric heater.

In Japan, many furniture store sell Kotasu mainly in winter.


Looking around furniture and household goods store might be fun for international tourists.

Furniture and household goods store

NITORI Co. Ltd. Official Website
Corporate website of NITORI Co. Ltd. Features content introducing Nitori's commitment to products to propsective customers, as well as details of our business activities, services and corporate data.

I introduce the stores around main stations (popular sightseeing places) in downtown Tokyo.
Check out Google Maps below!
* Maybe, some stores don't sell Kotatsu.

Ueno 上野

Ikebukuro 池袋
There are 2 branches.

Shinjuku 新宿

Shibuya 渋谷
There are 2 branches.

Ginza 銀座

Asakusa 押上
It is near TOKYO SKYTREE and Asakusa 浅草 area.

Nishiarai 西新井
It takes 20 minutes on foot from the station.

If you are traveling to Tokyo during the cold season and you would like to try the experience of using a Kotatsu,

Usually Kotatsu is available at a ryokan 旅館 that is a type of Japanese style inn. However, in Hokkaido 北海道 district that is the northeast part of Japan, people don't use Kotatsu because Kotatsu is not enough to live in such a cold climate in winter.

In downtown Tokyo, I know there is a restaurant that offers the choice of a Kotatsu table as a seating option starting from October 1st through around March.

It’s possible that there are other restaurants that offer Kotatsu tables as well, but I suggest you check beforehand to see if the restaurant has them.
Check out below.

A bar restaurant in Tokyo:
Honke KANOYA Kagoshima
本家 かのや 鹿児島

Website (in Japanese)

【公式】代々木・新宿 本家かのや|鹿児島の郷土料理とご当地の焼酎を楽しむ居酒屋
代々木・新宿の駅そばにある居酒屋。日本のフロリダと呼ばれており、焼酎・さつま揚げ・黒豚・さつま芋、薩摩地鶏・落花生・カンパチ等々… まさに“食材の宝庫”である鹿児島県鹿屋市の郷土料理とご当地の焼酎を「本家かのや」で是非!

Some of their tables are Kotatsu during winter season.
Why don't you stop by the places?

Business hours
Lunch 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Open everyday

At lunch time, they offer 4 kinds of set meals such as deep fried chicken, pork bowl and so on for 830 to 880 yen. Rice and soup of the set meals are free refills.

Actually, I haven't been to this restaurant, yet.
I would like to go. If you want, please let me know. Let's go together! 

You can walk from Yoyogi 代々木 Station or Shinjuku 新宿 Station to the restaurant.

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